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Also, you're generally supposed to do a wet tack of the floor following the application of the pre-treatment cleaners to "neutralize" them. Bona Traffic HD har I know this is late, but better than not answering. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. We just use a white pad. 1. We had used Bona Traffic HD matte on the previous 2-1/4" red oak floor we had down - but had to completely strip and start over due to a water damage issue (than God for good HO insurance. Message sent. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Lakken kombinerer ultimativ ydeevne med miljørigtig teknologi – udviklet til et bæredygtigt resultat på såvel gulvet som det omgivende miljø. Bona Traffic HD Hardener 10.4 oz WH330062001 Used with Bona Traffic HD, a two-component water-based finish. : It is intended for unoiled, unwaxed and sealed or finished wood floors. Bona Traffic HD one of the toughest and most durable lacquers available for wooden floors. I have not actually worked with the Palman finish but have used a lot of Bona Traffic. Traffic HD. Engineered without a traditional matting system Traffic Natural has a sheen level of only 6%. Two component finishes are much tougher than their single pack rivals. It left residue on my floor; It produced noticeable build up; The polish will look beautiful when it wet until the floor get dry ; it fisheyed horribly in the traffic areas even though it looks good in some other areas on the floor This one looks better but still not good. Pris fra 236,61 DKK 296,01 DKK Du sparer: 59,40 DKK Se produktet -44%. Bona Traffic is a professional finish and when all instructions are followed provides one of the best finishes in the market.....problems like you are describing sound more like contamination you have never used this finish before....used it one time and think it wise to shout out to the world that there is a problem with the finish...but not the application process.....I would re-examine your finishing … Covers 8 – 10 m2 per litre. Populær. Traffic Natural can be used with all Bona primers; simply pick the appropriate primer for the timber species. Traffic HD is 80% cured after 24 hours, 90% cured at 72 hours. When you say the Bona cleaner do you mean the Bona prep? 4. 4.9 out of 5 stars 18. Widely used in hotels, restaurants and airports, where maximum durability and a short downtime is essential. Traffic is an excellent finish in two ways : It has an excellent sheen . 99. I then added a second coat of Traffic (again, satin). How did you apply it? $139.99 $ 139. Name. No matter what you do, you're 5-6 coats deep at this point and it will certainly look different than the adjacent rooms. Hello, I am a flooring contractor. When applied to oily, resinous or improperly sanded floors, it can peel too. To check intercoat adhesion, apply a coat of Bona Traffic HD to a pre-prepared area. Used in hotels, restaurants and airports worldwide, where short downtime is essential. It bonded, but looked like it separated? Help please! Bona Traffic HD. Bona Traffic Hd - Wählen Sie dem Gewinner unserer Redaktion. The customer asks if we can switch over and put an oil poly on top of this Traffic coat. 4.1 out of 5 stars 5. Wir vergleichen verschiedene Eigenarten und geben dem Testobjekt dann eine entscheidene Testnote. Thanks for the info guys. Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 21. A 1,149-Square-Foot Medallion Made for Dancing, Nach dem Auftrag ist dieser ca. Bona Traffic HD. It is also suitable for over coating factory pre-finished cork floors. Die Betreiber dieses Portals haben uns dem Lebensziel angenommen, Alternativen aller Variante ausführlichst zu checken, dass Sie als Leser ohne Probleme den Bona Traffic Hd gönnen können, den Sie als Kunde kaufen wollen. I'm not 100% clear what the rule is from Bona regarding how soon you could put poly over Traffic. Sounds to me like there should have been a sealers between the stain and the finish, I do not use that brand but the finish we use will peel off stain everytime if we do not use sealers and then buuf before finish. Sehr hoher Sättigungsgrad, Ermöglicht eine ergonomische Anwendung mit einem Gummiwischer, Sehr geruchsarm und niedriger Lösemittelgehalt, Schnelle Trocknung und einfach in der Anwendung, Überlackierbar mit Bona Traffic, Bona Traffic HD, Bona Traffic Natural, Rutschhemmend R10 nach DIN 51130 (geölt, ohne Überversiegelung) Bona Traffic Matt, 4,95 Liter / Parkettlack. Bona Traffic.pdf. Traffic Natural is a unique Bona development made predominantly from renewable resources and contains oils, high quality PU and haptic creators. Erleben Sie das gleichmäßige Ergebnis schnell und einfach. Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:07 am . Additionally, Traffic HD is GreenGuard Gold Certified, with lower VOCs than the original Traffic finish, and it is also food safe. If you want to cover yourself, then I suggest a through abrasion with a maroon pad and 180 strip tape. Post subject: Probs with bona traffic. The building has four floors and two of these have wooden floors. 2. We were redoing our stairway with Tiger Wood, wanted the natural inherent grains to shine through. I screened it hard and maroon padded it then applied another coat. It offer 67% greater performance over Traditional Traffic. Recoating and refinishing are some of the trickiest parts of the wood floor business; these articles offer help for products from newer floors to historic homes. So the Bona Traffic HD Extra Matte finish is very low sheen or NO Sheen is a better descriptor. Bona Traffic has been great for clients with dogs. Bona Traffic HD and Hardener (Extra Matt) Details. Post subject: Re: bona Traffic HD vs. Pallmann X-98. While maintaining lovely clarity in the floor finish, Traffic is ideally suited for the toughest locations. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. My only concern is that you have A LOT of finish in that one particular area if it is just the kitchen. While you're coating the … 10 % Härter dem Lack zusetzen; Vor dem Auftrag - gut schütteln; Zusammen mit dem Lack auftragen. Does anyone think that may be an issue? NB: This new formulation is not compatible with the old type, please do not mix them, and now uses the same hardener as the standard Bona Traffic HD. $114.99 $ 114. Bona Traffic HD 2‐komponent vandbaseret toplak til behandling af trægulve i offentligt miljø med ekstrem høj trafikintensitet. I used the Bona spray cleaner first with a maroon pad, then steel wool pad, then 150 screen, then a dry maroon pad. Follow that with a red norton sand dollar and you should be golden. I applied it with the Bona roller. Der Bona Traffic HD Härter sollte zusammen mit mit Bona Traffic HD verwendet werden. Caixa Forum, Madrid. Bona Traffic besteht aus hochwertigem Polyurethan. Like Traffic but better. 4. nach 5 Std. Warehouse PICKUP NATIONWIDE available. Egal wieviel du also zum Thema Bona Traffic Hd recherchieren wolltest, erfährst du auf der Seite - als auch die besten Bona Traffic Hd Erfahrungen. How many coats of finish should you use for Bona wood floor finish? Parketlim 10 kg. It’s 10-15% more durable with a better flow and leveling compared to Traffic. 3. When the interior designer suggested stone for this dance floor, the client balked. Coverage rate is 350-400sqft per gallon WARNING: Stay away from Bona Chemi water base HD finish. I don't know if that matters or not though. Never heard of "Chemi" . 2. Rex, it could be a lot of issues. Need a resand and finish again but I would talk to a pro about the stain and finish the guys at the paint store only know what the label and sales reps tell them. Er wurde speziell für die Anforderungen in extrem stark beanspruchten, gewerblich genutzten Bereichen entwickelt. Mischungsverhältnis: ca. Bona Traffic Parkettlack - halbmatt - 4,95 Liter extrem starke Versiegelung für Holzböden Der hoch abriebfeste, wasserbasierte 2K-Polyurethanlack ist ideal für die Oberflächenbehandlung von extrem stark frequentierten Parkett- und Holzfussböden geeignet. Bona Traffic HD is a high quality, 2 component waterborne polyurethane topcoat lacquer which gives durable and beautiful results to many styles of interior wooden floors. Rex, sorry I forgot to mention don't use steel wool when finishing with water base. Not only does it smell less, but the odor dissipates sooner, so you can move back in sooner. Bona Traffic HD is a two-component timber floor coating. Well, at $130 per gallon that was not a good enough answer for me so I switched to Basic Coatings Streetshoe and have never looked back. My floor also had aluminium oxide pre-finish and it was a mess when I applied Bona Traffic. Bona Traffic Parkettlack - matt - 1,1 Liter - Versiegelung, 2 K Parkettlack Glanzgrad: matt; inkl. I didn't do a perfect job but it looks pretty good. Bona Traffic HD comes with hardener that you mix in for even stronger durability. Bona Traffic HD comes with hardener that you mix in for even stronger durability. Does anyone have experience with the Bona Traffic Anti-Slip? Use TRAFFIC … Offered in Satin (my favorite) or Gloss (looks awesome but tougher to keep clean). He basically told me it was my problem. Bona Traffic HD Hardener 10.4 oz WH330062001 . Recently, named the Bona Premium Spray Mop as the best cleaner for hardwood floors. Are there any noticeable differences, problems or warnings with this product? It is the industry's premium finish for durability and beauty. Bona Traffic besitzt hervorragende Eigenschaften für ein makelloses Endergebnis, sowie eine transparente, vergilbungsfreie Formulierung. Sort. Nowadays, the majority of people want to avoid the yellow/amberizing effect that occurs over time (this is driven mainly by sunlight, but also interior light), and Bona Traffic provides much better protection for your floors. PRODUCT DETAILS Used with Bona Traffic HD, a two-component water-based finish.

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