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Welcome to Fraternity and Sorority Life! Try to find out about the girls you're talking to instead of just answering their questions to see what you have in common, what they like the best about their chapter, what type of majors the sisters are in, etc. I work with sororities a lot (events) and I can tell you that diversity is not their strength. According to research, fraternity and sorority members agree that: They have professors who care about them and make them excited to learn. I can see if they are in the same sorority maybe, but how is the fraternity involved in that? A Virginia Tech Fraternity man strives for excellence, he has a clear focus and curiosity for his academic success while maintaining a healthy sense of personal balance. From what I understand you're guaranteed a bid to one sorority. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the VirginiaTech community, Press J to jump to the feed. So it's not like you'd go somewhere you didn't want to go or somewhere that doesn't want you. 2018-19: 2018-19 Delta Chi Awards for Excellence in: Advising and Governance, Alumni Relations, Financial Management, and Manpower. Recruitment is pretty exhausting, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And is drinking strictly off-limits throughout rush week (like even after the day is over, we can't drink or party or whatever). I went to Tech and as you probably suspected this bullshit. As for rush, like anything where you have to impress people you don't know, it is a lot of small talk (I have heard talk of drinking and boys is not allowed). Id have to agree with kappa sig though. Idgaf which sorority it is, as long as the girls in it are people I could be really good friends with. Having pledges here drive as DDs is a form of hazing. We'll be just as primped as you are! Quick correction, AEPi is recognized by Nationals. I'm sure there have been some actual issues but from what Ive heard is that most of the time a freshman will go back to campus drunk, get caught, rat on the frat, frat is suspended. The freshman under pressure reveals where they went and that fraternity gets in trouble. Based off of my experience and knowing how other school’s do recruitment, I can say that VT is waaay more laid back with recruitment than southern schools are. I mean, they all even dress the same. Pouring one out for my boys at Virginia Tech. A common scenario is a freshman party hops or pregame too aggressively and then goes to a party and get served alcohol. Check out our wiki and FAQ. The latest discussion forum topics for Virginia Tech - VT. Find all of the latest information on greek life news and students. Is there a backstory on this? Through my greek organization, I have people to sit with during football games, tailgates to go to, and events to participate in. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. lol I love dressing up, so I definitely don't mind that. I'm not white, and all my friends keep telling me not to rush because sororities are all white and I probably wouldn't get in, but I really want to rush because I LOVE to the idea of a sisterhood and I really want to make new friends. Sailors don't haze; we close down naturally. Sounds terrible. Current VT Student in a Fraternity that survived this. Wear sensible shoes!!! Virginia Tech released its “Fraternity and Sorority Life Task Force Report” Thursday. Great, thats awesome! Virginia Tech’s fraternity and sorority community is large and diverse. For anyone who's been through the process, how's it really like and do you have any tips/advice? Hopefully someone will chime in and give you a better idea of what to expect. There's starting to be a fairly large off campus presence so the admin geeds are likely freaking out about the possibility of greek life existing outside of their control. New here? Meh, something to remember if I ever come back for my masters! Too many fucking nerds, and loser's that can't throw a ball taken into college these days. Apparently they get in less trouble if they rat. The houses are trying to sell to you as much as you're trying to impress them. At my high school we were smoking weed at 13 years old (not me, I didn't drink until 16) but getting drunk at after parties, or town parties, or at football parties etc... and you learned how to bluff, that "If they don't have evidence, they can't convict you" and also "They only know what you tell them, and if they're asking you, they don't know sh*t". Feel free to drop us a line, and welcome to the Hokie Nation! These are the conversation starters to get you going - the girls who are impressive during recruitment are the ones who show that they can do more than rattle off one word or rehearsed answers and turn these starters into a proper conversation. A few joined, didn't like it, and dropped out. You'll meet a number of amazing women and (hopefully) your future sisters! I am not sure how old you are but I have heard from several people that waiting to rush until your Spring semester sophomore year is the way to go. or which loser got kicked out, and snitched since he couldn't make it? Snitching wasn't an option, at all. I'm honestly shocked he didn't snitch. Greek life is crucial to the college experience at tech in my opinion Everybody who is somebody rushes Cookies help us deliver our Services. This shit is so dumb I’m at tech and the witch hunt their conducting is such bs. Fraternity reviews and ratings for the Delta Kappa Epsilon chapter at Virginia Tech - VT - Greekrank I'd just say, " I went to an apartment party and they spiked the drinks", and " I don't recall which apartment since I'm new to the campus...". A reddit for Hokies. Theta Delta Chi was kicked off for hazing 4 years ago. Page 11, Recommendation 2. The fraternity and sorority community currently encompasses more than 5,100 students which represents just about 19 percent of the undergraduate population; hence, fraternity and sorority life is incredibly dynamic at Virginia Tech. Sorority reviews, ratings, and rankings for Virginia Tech - VT greek life - Greekrank The Fraternities that are "kicked off" by the school but still charted by Nationals are in the best situation since they don't have to answer to the school. A lot of my friends and roommates joined sororities and loved it. We are confident that Virginia Tech women can find a… Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Permission must be granted by Fraternity and Sorority Life to be recognized again at Virginia Tech … Greek life is all about having a close network of friends and one of the best things about is that you can be as involved as you want to - there will always be someone who is doing something, whether it's going to lunch, going to a social, or sitting in the great room watching movies. Good thing we are a non-hazing fraternity. The United Council of Fraternities and Sororities aims to harmonize the diverse organizations by accurately representing and embodying the values that uniquely define constituent organizations. Here is the Virginia Tech fraternity task force report:, What kind of pansy 'rats on the frat' when they get drunk? Why did you pick that? Why did you choose to go to Virginia Tech? Virginia Tech warns that suspended fraternities, sororities are ‘serious threat' University releases new report to give transparency about Greek life Tommy Lopez , Weekend Anchor / Reporter Important to note these chapters are still operating, Any idea which ones are still sanctioned by Nationals? But to each their own. Shit sucks. For me, there was one frat I would have even bothered attempting to rush, and by the time they started here I had one foot through the door; plus I didn't have the time that last year anyway. Roanoke street used to be the shit and now cops shut stuff down a lot more. Nobody's claiming dtd or pi lam are suddenly a top fraternity, Just that they're getting better. Now, higher order "warnings" are usually credibly part of Pledgeships. On the subject of clothing, think of this like a job interview. He works to make the communities he is a part of better by his active participation in them through courageous leadership. Fraternities go on at-least a year of suspension if they are caught serving alcohol at parties. With regard to recruitment, I have the following comments: The first weekend you'll talk to close to a hundred girls between all the houses. (4 yrs ago). The real question, which pathetic pledge snitched? We all stayed. You all hit it on the head they’re blowing it way out of proportion and trying to make frats like foosball. Do PNMs during rush usually hang out after each day is over or are most of the girls super competitive? From the university's Task Force Report, 'Fraternity and Sorority Life Task Force Report' : "By Fall 2021, Virginia Tech should enact a professional staffing structure for the Oak Lane houses based on best practices that maximize the academic success, health, and wellness of the students residing in on- campus fraternity and sorority houses". The fraternity and sorority community at Virginia Tech is comprised of 47 active and vibrant chapters governed by four councils: Interfraternity Council (IFC); National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC); Panhellenic Council (PHC); and the United Council of Fraternities and Sororities (UCFS). Boots and flats are your friend here! But I highly doubt (and maybe I am just naive) that they would discriminate. Join us on Discord! 2019-20 Virginia Tech Fraternity & Sorority Life Outstanding Community Leader of the Year: Tyler Collins. UCFS Member Organizations: alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority. The "I never had a drink all 4 years of high school, and I was in honors, all day and my parents control me" types.... That lack of life experience let's them see 'snitching' as an option. SORORITY All the Panhellenic Council sororities at Virginia Tech have houses in the on-campus Oak Lane Community, which also houses five fraternities. Press J to jump to the feed. To be placed in a sorority, you have to pick them AND they have to pick you. Chat with fellow Hokies! one of their sweethearts almost hazed another female sweetheart to death. And a lot of cheering, clapping, singing, that sort of stuff. Our community consists of 13 chapters that all offer their members a unique sisterhood, leadership opportunities, scholarship enhancement, and philanthropic and service opportunities. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. 2019-20 Virginia Tech Fraternity & Sorority Life Michelle Dillon Sorority President of the Year: Abby Bruck. Virginia Tech is one of the most resilient, kindest communities I've ever known. I had to come back a year after I graduated (as a lot of us recent alumni did) to right the ship. More than 2,800 women have already found their home in one of these chapters. The article mentioned some didn't have their charters revoked but didn't say which ones. You can anticipate what is going to be asked: where are you from? I cannot stress this enough, especially for Open House and Philanthropy. 2019-20 Virginia Tech Fraternity & Sorority Life Outstanding Safety, Health and Wellness Program Award. Having said that, Greek life at VT was a fantastic experience and I have never regretted it! 2018-19 Delta Chi Awards for Achievement in: Involvement, Member Education, and Scholarship Everyone parents asked us to "leave and come home," but not a single person I know did. Thanks for the insider info. For Sisterhood and Pref, you'll probably be sitting in some of the houses and you'll be wearing dresses those rounds anyways so heels are fine if you want them (your rho gammas will recommend that you bring uggs or something to wear between rounds to rest your toes on those days). Know of a company (maybe your own) that is hiring and would love some fresh Hokie blood? The top tier is pretty set in stone, a lot of houses are trying to become the top of the middle tier though and that's realistic. Why are you going Greek? Having pledges be sober security to reduce risk at parties is hazing. That said, I'll reiterate what I posted a few months ago about frats ( Each one is different, and you need to find the one that fits with you, your character, beliefs, and vision. Alpha Epsilon Pi - Alcohol related Hazing (3 years ago), not recognized by nationals, Center Club (formerly Sigma Chi) - Caught Serving alcohol at parties to minors - 1 year suspension / one of their sweethearts almost hazed another female sweetheart to death which kicked them off for good (1 year ago), not recognized by nationals, Delta Kappa Epsilon - serving alcohol at parties minors / Caught hazing pledges. The all Greek GPA consistently across the country is higher than all university averages. I've been out of school for five years now and some of my closest friends are sorority sisters. That gives you a year and a half here to form your own identity and friend network so that Greek life does not isolate you from the greater VT community. Long days, dozens of conversations, going between cold outside to crowded and hot rooms, all while trying to keep a smile on and remember the name of the girl you're speaking to. ... It’s no secret that VT does not support Greek life. Dear Potential New Member, On behalf of the Panhellenic community, we are so excited that you are considering joining the Panhellenic community! Greek life is all about having a close network of friends and one of the best things about is that you can be as involved as you want to - there will always be someone who is doing something, whether it's going to lunch, going to a social, or sitting in the great room watching movies. So I registered to rush for a sorority and everything. Straight up, worse than getting beat up by a rival town's kid in a fight. Lastly, and most importantly, get excited and have fun!!! Kicked off (2 years ago), Kappa Sigma - Serving alcohol at parties / caught hazing (4 years ago), Lambda Chi Alpha - Caught hazing repeatedly, not alcohol related (4 years ago), not recognized by nationals, Omicron Alpha Kappa (formerly KappaDelta Rho) - can't remember exactly but I believe hazing / serving alch at parties to minors (3 years ago), Sigma Alpha Epsilon - serving alcohol at parties, and not following dry rush (giving potential new members beer), NEVER caught for hazing. etc. Different strokes for different folks. Majority of these got kicked off for their final straw being hazing related and thats completely understandable. Even the 20-or-so injured students all came back to school as soon as they could. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, If people found out you snitched (as a basketball player got known for, since he did snitch to our Vice Principle about a party, or a group of not talented linemen did(they sucked) you're treated like a leper, and word gets out... No one f*cks with you after that, and the hotter girls and popular girls treat you worse than sh*t.) you were done at my high school. A Virginia Tech fraternity man is a man for others. etc. I've never heard of sweethearts hazing sweethearts. Here at the Panhellenic community, we are dedicated to helping you make your college experience more… Don't listen to people saying the you're looking to "buy friends". It had been given to the provost in May. There is a dress code and I've always heard complaints that you have to wear skirts in January and walk from house to house and it's freezing. Then he tried to join another house(Dropped there too). " Fraternities and Sororities at Virginia Tech provide about 80% of all campus leaders in other organizations, including Orientation Leaders, Hokie Camp Counselors, SGA members, Class Office, and more" And Greeks are very much serious students. I transferred into Virginia Tech as a junior and needed to meet people in a hurry, and going Greek fit the bill. You'll be on your feet, running between houses, and standing the WHOLE DAY (only a few lucky people get to sit and that's just luck based on who picks you up at the door (yes, we do have assigned spots to stand with PNMs)). Meghan Johansson Photography Welcome to the Panhellenic Community at Virginia Tech! People join Greek life for a variety of reasons. Straight up, Lepers. ... Why did you choose to go to Virginia Tech? Greek life reviews for Virginia Tech - VT - Greekrank. They then eventually go back to campus where one eventually gets caught and in trouble. 2019-20 Virginia Tech Fraternity & Sorority Life Outstanding Safety, Health and Wellness Program. A year-long study of Virginia Tech’s fraternity and sorority life experience commissioned by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost has resulted in recommendations for improving and enhancing Virginia Tech's Greek programs.. But our house got snitched on, by a legacy that was mad that he wasn't "one of the main guys or treated as such in the house", it got real ugly. They throw inexperienced, interim people into the office of fraternity and sorority life who don’t even return messages. One thing that I want to assure anyone debating on rushing is that Virginia Tech greek life is NOT like that. "Snitches get stitches" worked well before society (and particularly campuses) turned litigious. What's your major? Virginia Tech is proud to host one of the largest fraternity and sorority communities in America, one that continues to grow rapidly. Recruitment is a two-way street. SORORITY All the Panhellenic Council sororities at Virginia Tech have houses in the on-campus Oak Lane Community, which also houses five fraternities. You sound like you're going into it with the right attitude. This is something where putting your best foot forward is expected - we don't expect everyone to walk in looking like a super model, but being polished shows respect for the process and for the organizations. I guess it can't hurt to rush and see what happens. Fraternity reviews and ratings for the Delta Sigma Phi chapter at Virginia Tech - VT - Greekrank The Panhellenic Community is comprised of 13 wonderful sorority chapters on Virginia Tech’s campus.

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