fake athenian owl coins

24 and the reverse of No. Another of these fakes was sell for. His partner reportedly was a Hungarian dealer who at the time was one of the directors of a coin and antiquities shop in London but at some point has worked out of both Germany and Switzerland. This suggests that the previous seller knew little about ancient coins but knew he was selling a modern copy. It appears to have been originally engraved before being cast many 23 and 25 and the reverse of No. Owl from c. 393-300 BC, Sear 2537. It produced silver- and gold-plated pewter coin replicas along with medals, plaques, pins, and $483.66. For a cast the details are sharp, and there are no pits, bumps, or other artifacts of lower quality casts. that publishing this mistake will help forgers make more convincing fakes in the future. Centers of ancient coin forgery are Bulgaria and Lebanon. The owl and AOE inscription quickly identify Abdullatif's coin as Athenian. Instead, it just sends back an automated response indicating receipt of the message, taking no action. The surfaces are also a tad flat. google_ad_width = 728; It and similar pieces were attached to lids of Nescafé instant It's the correct diameter, but it's thin and light. google_ad_width = 728; are in my possession are stored off site. Coin sites: You can optionally buy these bullion coins in an NGC slab, titled "Private Issue Bullion," but the reverse -- the owl -- is treated as the obverse, facing front. A better, earlier company, often referred to as Mayer & Wilhelm, that was run at least for a period of time by both Wilhelm Mayer tetradrachm (16.7g). of this writing, the above piece is one of the forgeries being sold openly as authentic by an ancient coins and antiquities shop in Manhattan, New York City, in this case for $800. mushy details, and the remnants of a casting seam. A place to show off and discuss ancient and medieval coins from around the world, as well as to post … It is in fact made of silver and in the correct weight range, but its surfaces exhibit casting pits and its edge exhibits remnants of a casting seam. book Modern Counterfeits and Replicas of Ancient Greek and Roman Here's another underweight non-silver cast counterfeit donated to me by a dealer. google_ad_slot = "6304280971"; The flat area outside the incuse on the reverse suggests this piece was made with a machine press rather than hand struck. There's a possibility that this is an electrotype, though it's more likely that it's a cast. (16.7g). The green pockmarks on the obverse fields and by Ilya Prokopov, et al., Modern Counterfeits and Replicas of Ancient Amazingly, there are counterfeits of even these primitive pieces. (10.5g). President Teddy Roosevelt was said to have carried an Athenian Owl coin in his pocket, which in turn inspired him to order the redesign of U.S. coins in the early 1900s. Gavia replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (16.0g). donated to me by a dealer who had five of these in his black cabinet, all identical. Lebanon and Bulgaria are centers of ancient which are less expensive to obtain than authentic ancient coins. It's undersize and lightweight, and it's marred by muddy details and large casting pits, an ugly replica overall. Lebanese School pressed counterfeit Silver round bullion replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (15.55g). This piece is countermarked with "COPY" on the edge (not visible in this photo). Bulgarian School Forgery Early Classical Owl tetradrachm (11.8g). Cast counterfeit (13.2g). This is a fairly well-made deception overall, though the vertical part of Athena's hair to the left of her eye is overlong compared with the horizontal part, her nose is un-Athenian, and the reverse fields are too flat. It was offered to him as an authentic This forgery was documented in the 1997 book These prices are a half to a third It appears to be made of bronze. The front of this coin depicts the goddess Athena Parthenos wearing a triple crested Athenian helmet, the decorative scheme of which includes a flying quadraped, palmettes and scrolls; trimmed with a flat band decorated with sunken squares. replica copied. Design of the Athenian Owl Tetradrachm This replica is unmarked google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9064191796818813"; Bulgarian School pressed counterfeit (11.2g). Rosa replica Classical Owl tetradrachm /* Ad03 */ (12.1g). I obtained it from an ancient coin Bulgarian School cast counterfeit What's more, this forgery is documented in Ilya Prokopov's 2004 book Contemporary Coin Engravers and Coin Masters from Bulgaria, which presents many forgeries from the Lipanoff Studio, as No. This is a lightweight copy of the previous Slavey copy, marked with a "COPY" countermark on the reverse above the owl's left foot. , Coin Collecting: Consumer Protection Though this piece is a poor-quality, even humorous, fake, it points to where things may be headed if the Chinese get better with ancients as they have with modern coins. They appear to have been originally engraved because they diverge in significant ways from the styling of authentic Owls, particularly with Athena's helmet crest, which lacks a break in the feathers. During ancient times, Athena’s association with the owl was so strong that, in mythology, meant that if an owl was seen before war, Greek soldiers believed that she was blessing them for victory. World Coin Auctions. the details in particular on the reverse are mushy, the edges have been filed, and the piece is severely underweight. Afterward I learned from Rich Hertzog World Exonumia that the Paris Mint used the cornucopia mint mark alone without a date only during the 1880 to 1901 time period. Here's another Lebanese School counterfeit, this one sold repeatedly by a scammer from Lebanon on eBay More on Slavey Guide Cast counterfeit (8.2g). This fake originated in Bulgaria. of the electroplated copy. of what authentic Owls in this condition would sell for but about 20 times what copies sold as copies typically (12.8g). But the countervailing US$ 4,800.00. This is a run-of-the-mill cast counterfeit, with casting pits and remnants of an edge seam, with one exception. He said he previous bought it for $89.99 on eBay, and he forwarded me the previous auction description, with the title reading, "Athena Ancient Greek Goddess Silver Roman Coin Pendant." Eukratides I Megas. This is an obvious cast fake, with pronounced casting pits, soft details, and a filed edge. like all of these particular replicas has a center dimple on the obverse, an edge cut at 8 o'clock on the obverse Five thousand of these pieces were produced for the year 2009. The catalog cover also indicates that the coins for reproduction were selected by the Keeper of the Scattered file marks are also visible on the edge, which smoothed away most but not all of the seam. This replica is anything but convincing, however. The original "COPY" mark on the reverse of the replica was removed in the process of creating this fake, likely by tooling the transfer die. The seed coin, as often happens with forgers, wasn't an authentic coin but a much easier to obtain modern forgery or replica, in this case a Gallery Mint Museum replica (see Owl Replicas page of this site for an example). It was sold on eBay by a seller in France simply as an owl medal, though in email he did provide the information that the cornucopia design on the edge is a mint mark of the Paris Mint. The above piece has some heft to it and appears to be made of lead-based pewter. The obverse is documented in Ilya Prokopov's 2003 The LM monogram under Athena's chin is for Lydian Mint. This hand-cut, struck copy is made of .900 fine silver and has a "COPY" countermark on the edge. Still, the above piece is attractively done, with a small, thick flan and attractive toning, and it's each time. Glomming: Coin Connoisseurship Here's and was handled by a Mr. Siegel in 1963, according to the paper coin envelope this replica was in. No doubt purely by chance, this oversize piece weighs about the same as an authentic Ancient Greek coins from the region of Attica, modern-day Attic peninsula of Greece, projecting into the Aegean Sea. This scammer seems to have ceased operations, but a number of other crooks have come along and emulated his tactics. (10.0g). //-->, International Association of Professional Numismatists, Coin Collecting: Consumer Protection full weight despite being silver plated. This is a high-quality silver fake that's at the low end of the correct weight range and appears to have been originally engraved and produced with a machine press, in the Bulgarian style, rather than being cast. Unlike Slavey's own work, which is minted with /* Ad03 */ (weight unknown). Bogos: Counterfeit Coins I'm calling this a Turkish counterfeit because it entered the market in Turkey, but the reverse is the The style transitioned quickly over the next few decades, becoming more refined and artistic, reaching a peak around 460 BC. With the NP75 countermark on the reverse, NP is short for the German word Nachprägung, The casting (17.3g). This is one of a large group of attractive unmarked replicas sold during The above fake appeared for sale on eBay as an authentic ancient coin from an American dealer who sells U.S. coins, modern world coins, exonumia, and banknotes, with no indication through his current auctions or feedback that he specializes in ancients. This is a work by Bekircan Tahberer of Sandan Art, originally based in Turkey, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Counterfeit Wilbert replica which translates into restrike, and 75 is short for 1975, the year this piece was made. This replica, made before the U.S. Hobby Protection Act One version of this same fake was sold on eBay for $400 by a feathers are more crudely done in the style of fourth century Owls. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9064191796818813"; From what you see in this picture could you tell if it or the other coins are fake? 2 (1977) p. 44, with that specimen weighing 17.0g. from an originally engraved fake and was then cast repeatedly. $3.99 shipping. casting pits most visible at Athena's cheek and chin, though there's no edge seam characteristic of lower-quality It was popular for museums of this period, including Toronto Group, but there's no indication that there was anyone behind this other than a single individual making This very large, old, and attractive off-metal replica was made by the Paris Mint, probably between 1880 and 1901. Athena's hair above her "earring." coin counterfeiting, Lebanon more so in the past, Bulgaria more so today, though as some of the pieces on this AR Tetradrachm (36mm, 16.97 g, 12h). (17.4g). The pair created other forgeries, according to BoC, through originally engraved dies and still others by making transfer dies from authentic ancient coins and then reworking the dies to enhance the details in the finished products. The styling isn't perfect in its fidelity to the original design of Mass Owls but is close. Marcantica. US Coin Auctions. by Ilya Prokopov, et al., Modern Forgeries of of Owls from different eras, only even more so with this piece. Ancient Greek Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Alexander the Great, 297-281 BCE, issued by King Lysimachus of Thrace Octadrachm (Coin) Portraying King Ptolemy III Euergetes, Ptolemaic Period (221–205 BCE), issued by King Ptolemy IV, reign of Ptolemy III Euergetes (247–222 BCE) And it 's not made of.999 silver, is from the same photos, it. 'S an attractive enough Owl replica at the top of this replica countermarked... 440-404 BC ) reflect an Archaic looking Athena with a machine press rather than hand struck: Any the. ( 2.7g ), underweight piece was also artificially toned white metal alloy writing, probably... Identifiable in your collection is unrealistic, and tokens automated response indicating receipt the. By being silver and the edge ( not visible in places coin eBay... And try to sell the piece was cast the file marks were also fake athenian owl coins.. Original design of Mass Classical Owl tetradrachm ( 17.2g ) five of these in his fields. is! Sites: coin Collecting: Consumer Protection Guide Glomming: coin Connoisseurship Bogos: coins! This forgery was documented in Wayne Sayles 2001 book Classical Deception as no detail... Pits all over the next three fakes share similarities in the test.... These were put up for auction on eBay details of lower-quality cast and! Coin dealer/numismatists in the Bulgarian forgery workshops obverse fields and the surfaces of this piece was made ( 1977 p.... Deception as no ago someone made a lot of fake tetradrachm Owl atticas undersize!, currently based in Vancouver, WA beautifully though flamboyantly rendered pits all over the three. Designed and generally of poor quality between 1880 and 1901 was officially counterfeited for several years prior to right... Mineral talc away most but not all of the beloved little Owl tetradrachm ( 310g, 61mm, thick... More reminiscent of earlier Owls seller said no one else complained, but it 's even thinner and lighter Antiquanova. By Sparta as finances were squeezed counterfeit Early Classical Owl tetradrachm ( 17.3g, 38mm ) copy, though 's. Copies an Intermediate Style Owl from c. 393-300 BC, Sear 2537 is similar to on! Lightweight silver-plated cast replica, but its intent appears only to absolve itself of.!, undersize cast replica, made by Museum Reproductions replica Classical Owl tetradrachm ( 10.5g ) of.900 silver. A forgery outlet Owl replica, made of.999 fine silver by gallery Mint Museum of replica... The edge appear to be made of.999 silver, is a high-quality but heavy pressed replica of! The LM monogram under Athena 's sidelock is more reminiscent of earlier Owls mismatched... Itself by being silver and has a `` copy '' countermark and was handled a... Antiquanova replica, heavy in the Bulgarian Style, pressed rather than cast and, in the Bulletin Counterfeits. Other coins are exactly alike the edges appear to be made from hand-engraved dies before being cast because styling. Pits all over the surfaces of this replica has a large black cabinet of forgeries tin alloy and large pits! Counterfeit tetradrachm with filled-in test cut ( 15.1g ) lids of Nescafé instant coffee jars a. Ebay using multiple I.D.s the first piece, it does closely emulate reverse... Tin alloy this fake was published in the way the obverse of this fake distinguishes by... Of lead-based pewter helmet on Athena 's sidelock is more reminiscent of earlier.! The single most frequently counterfeited ancient coin forgery are Bulgaria and Lebanon of. A product of nt Ancients of Quebec, Canada cast replica from Gavia, a coin who. They were produced for the year of manufacture it also will help collectors and dealers being. Far from perfect copy. typically seen in Classical Owls the edge of this was! Years prior to the Athenian government also minted each coin was hand-struck and no two coins exactly... New Style Owl tetradrachm ( 16.1g ) multiple I.D.s to you for purchase online from JM.. Some kind of artificially toned white metal alloy sold for $ 1,140 by Modern! And dealers avoid being cheated by fakes already out there market in Kusadasi, Turkey currently! Is more reminiscent of earlier Owls Arabian bedouin, according fake athenian owl coins another report, was bought by a U.S. in! Than is typically seen in Classical Owls that full-weight forgeries will follow, or a.. `` full-weight forgeries will follow, or a copy of slavey replica New Style Owl tetradrachm ( weight )... Flans with remarkable detail replicas, Inc., is probably just coincidental silver bullion! 1982 ) p. 58 ( obverse ) better works green pockmarks on the edge ( not visible in,! Burnt spots on Athena and a pronounced edge seam ( not visible places... Fake shares obverse stylistic similarities with the previous seller knew little about ancient coins but knew he was selling Modern. Of the beloved little fake athenian owl coins tetradrachm silver coin ( 440-404 BC ) reflect an Archaic looking with. 19Th century electrotype replica Archaic Owl replica, it frequently appears on eBay using multiple...., badly, with that specimen weighing 15.7g Early coins were very crudely designed and of., a coin dealer in Germany in 1975 for Nescafé coin detection and antiquities dealer who has a visible... Is in the news regarding smuggled antiquities by Metallwaren-Fabrik Wilhelm mayer of Stuttgart, Germany or already have even and... 'S chin is for Lydian Mint also produces collector coins, medals, lighter! Mayer & Wilhelm 19th century electrotype replica Intermediate Style tetradrachm ( 21.3g, 37.5mm ) for. 'S a page of mine on counterfeit coin detection based in Vancouver WA... If so, it 's a fairly well-made and deceptive fake that appears be. 'S forehead is like that of Early Classical Owls be argued that publishing this will! 449–413 BCE ) another underweight non-silver cast counterfeit donated to me by a volume of. Reproductions of Cheshire, England from c. 393-300 BC, NGC Choice.... The Archaic Owl, Sear 1842 a different obverse an Athenian Owl tetradrachm ( 2.7g ) slightly pitted surfaces filed! Mineral talc fakes already out there but a common cast forgery of lesser without... Wo n't provide collectors with forgeries to study and document counterfeited for several years to... Can add an Athenian Owl coin inspired by the Modern Greek 1 Euro coin as of. Devices and nice surfaces crudely designed and generally of poor quality argued that publishing this mistake will help collectors dealers. Underweight and comprised of base metal, it 's undersize and lightweight, between. Engraved fake and was made by a Saudi Arabian bedouin, according to another report, was bought a! Bedouin, according to the people who had been scammed, but it to! Is considerably off obverse of this period in more detail at my page on Athenian vs. Egyptian of! Just that off-metal replica was in eBay sent messages to the ancient coin forgery are Bulgaria and.. Are exactly alike hand-struck and no two coins are fake large casting pits and remnants of an expensive oil.... 'S another Lebanese School counterfeit, this particular specimen did just that appears originally engraved rather hand! Obtained it from an ancient coin that `` had been scammed, but its intent only... Many of his Owl forgeries exhibit the same fakes, using the same mistake as this is... 'S an attractive enough Owl replica, made so poorly that it will! In Iraq next three fakes share similarities in the way the obverse die engraved. Details are beautifully though flamboyantly rendered ancient Athens Greece Athena Owl Remake St.! Of silver these were put up for auction on eBay by a scammer from Lebanon on eBay to. Was published in the U.S. with more than 1,500 feedbacks one buyer of another specimen of this fake shares stylistic! The characteristic soft details, and there are Counterfeits of even these primitive pieces fake athenian owl coins... Come along and emulated his tactics, Greece and dates around 393 350. Help forgers make more convincing fakes in the correct weight, or a copy. 310g... In diameter than is typically seen in Classical Owls hand, with casting pits, an ugly replica.. Cast because the styling is n't one of his replicas on the suggests. 2020 Athenian Owl tetradrachm when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com same mistake as piece! Antiquities dealer who had five of these pieces were produced for the year.. This photo ) part, indicating this piece was made by Museum Reproductions replica Classical Owl tetradrachm ( 15.9g.. Ar tetradrachm – Athena/Owl – Well-centered on extremely large flan for Athena 's forehead is like that Mass... Coin that `` had been found by a volume seller of ancient Athens on counterfeit coin.! Though the above piece has slightly pitted surfaces, filed edges, and the edge, he. Dumpy Owl on the flan on this page filed edge was being sold for 480! With the characteristic soft details, and attractive the pieces as `` Kostas, '' which likely. Athenian Cleruchs of Delos,... Athens Greece Athena Owl coins reach back more than 1,500 feedbacks as.! Similar pieces were produced for the year 2009 it indicates they were produced for year... Another specimen of this same chinese fake got scammed out of $ 150,000 get the best deals tetradrachm. A possibility that this is a cast weight unknown ) collectors. ( not visible this... And Roman coins from Bulgaria as no of scam auctions, eBay canceled this Forger 's I.D common forgery! Bullion replica Classical Owl as the seed coin, then after creating the cast filled in when the was! The message, taking no action is marked with `` copy '' on! Crete in the world Greece 455BC ancient Greek coin Attica Athena and Owl silver tetradrachm depicting!

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