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Charlie lets Lola go "exploring" in the garden. The stories are all narrated by seven year-old Charlie, and focus on the antics of his feisty four year-old sister, Lola. But keeping clean for a. Lola finds a spider in the sink when trying to brush her teeth, and she doesn't like spiders very much. Lola loves going to Granny and Grandad's but she is worried about remembering to pack everything. She’s small and very funny. While Marv's Dad takes Marv and Charlie to the insect house, Lola is left in the company of Marv's little brother, Morten. But when he is playing soccer in the park with Marv, Charlie breaks his arm. But Lola can't decide what to wear, and Morten squashes the pumpkin by accident! Charlie and Lola are fictional children created by the English writer and illustrator Lauren Child in 2000. But then the tooth refuses to come out; when it finally does, Lola stores the tooth for the tooth fairy, but soon, she loses the tooth for real. Charlie and Lola put up posters of the rabbit so that its owner can claim it back, but Lola eventually decides she would rather keep it for herself. Marv, Morten, Sizzles, Marv's mom, Charlie and Lola are ready to take Sizzles for a walk in the park. In a magazine, she and Charlie spot a competition to win a tree, if you recycle 100 things in each of four categories. Lola loves it and insists that she will never take it off. However, when they finally get their wish, Lola and Lotta accidentally detach Sizzles from his leash (despite Marv telling them never to do so) while fighting over who's in charge, and he goes missing. This episode was only shown on DVD and was replaced by "This is Actually My Party" on Cable TV due to perceived animal censorships-death, cruelty, and abuse. It's only when she really does lose it that Lola realises her friendship with Lotta is more important. She sometimes acts SOjuvenile when she tries to do what Charlie is doing, but they get along very well- Except when they squabble in "Yes I am! Carrots to "Orange Twiglets from Outer Space", Peas to "Green Drops from Green Land", Mashed Potatoes to "Cloud Fluff", and Fish Sticks to "Ocean Nibbles from Under the Sea". This contains all the episodes from the show. Charlie tells Lola not to play with his home-made model rocket, but Lola just can't resist when she and Soren Lorenson have to use it to transport a sad elephant back home to the jungle. is one of the two main characters in the book and television series "Charlie and Lola". The boys have got to invent something really cool and useful and time is running out. Fortunately, Charle reads the dog's nametag, confirming that he is Sizzles. Also starring Kelly Megzter as Anisha on Canada dub. The Charlie and Lola Books are sooo cute. That might stop Lola and Lotta from becoming special besties. They find all sorts of things, but no fossils. But Lola isn't so sure. Lola thinks that she's good at listening. However, a girl named Clem becomes curious about the summer's castle. Lola is learning to count and read at school. The whole school is hula hooping, and Lola has had enough. Lola is distraught when she sees Charlie and Marv playfighting. The series is geared toward preschoolers and incorporates family values, humor and the power of … She loves pink milk and tends to go on crazy adventures. Charlie and Marv have to come up with an invention for the school science fair tomorrow, and Lola reckons that she's an extremely good inventor too, and keeps interrupting their efforts with ideas of her own. When the rocket breaks, Lola has trouble admitting that she did it. Charlie and Lola Series 3 I Am Goody the Good Charlie and Lola p. channel for children. Also starringScott Mcneil as Morten Lowe on Canada dubbing. She gets Charlie's old one and is delighted. Lola and Lotta are best friends. Although he can be spotted on Lola's lunch-box in several episodes previously, this is Charlie and Lola's favourite superhero "Bat Cat"'s first appearance. Also starring Scott McCord as Arnold. Lola is desperate to be able to make him jump back, but, as hard as she tries, just can't seem to do it. Both Ivy and William mention that Lola is acting away from New York. No, You're Not! At first all is well, but then Bert goes missing. She drinks pink milk with tigers, cleans her teeth with a lion, shoos whales down the plughole and has a pyjama party with some dancing dogs. But Lola eats up all of her sandwiches before lunch, wastes all her bread to feed to the ducks at once, uses up all of her camera film, and spends all of her money - when she is set on buying a toy seal for the bath. Charlie and Lola have fun playing with their new "Build Your Own City" playset that Granny and Grandpa have bought them, but Charlie wants to build airports and play aliens, whereas Lola wants draw and build a zoo. Lola falls out with Arnold but ends up friends again so they can swim in his new paddling pool. I Am Really, Really, Really Concentrating. Lola thinks that if Charlie is a magician, that must mean that she is a magician too; so she tries a few tricks, but becomes frustrated when she can't seem to do any tricks. Charlie is trying to get Lola to hurry up or else they'll be late for school. Whether it's trying new foods, getting a haircut or losing a tooth, Charlie's been there and is happy to share his wisdom with little sis. Charlie takes her to buy a new pair, but Lola wants to keep the pair that she has. 10:52. It is also hinted at in episode that Charlie feels very uncomfortable in an untidy/messy atmosphere and prefers being next to cleanliness. It's picture day at school and Lola must keep clean for a whole school day for her first school picture. Charlie teaches her some methods that should stop her getting lost and help her if she does - but the field trip turns out to be to a giant maze. But her Christmas is about to be ruined when she accidentally mixes Lotta's card for Father Christmas'. Just as they are beginning to panic, Lola the Inventor stumbles on a great idea! With Ryan Harris, Morgan Gayle, Daniel Mayers, Clementine Cowell. Eventually, Charlie persuades her to give it a try, and helps her read about Piccolo, a little bird who cannot sing. Charlie and Lola: This is Actually My Party. But when Lola gets to the park, she discovers that Lotta has taken her training wheels off. Will Charlie and Lola be able to get the answer right? Lola is a fussy eater - but Charlie can get her to eat food with a little imagination. She is small and very funny. Charlie reluctantly helps her out - but will she ever learn to save things for herself? But when the snow melts, Lola is quite upset, and Charlie must try and explain that it would lose its appeal if it snowed all the time. Charlie and Marv are learning Spanish. 19 "Snow is My Favourite and My Best" 2 February 2007 Thursday 27 October 2005 Snow is forecast and Lola can't wait for it to arrive. But what event will Lola be good at? But Lola doesn't like the theme and starts changing everything much to Charlie's annoyance by opening his cards and his present for Marv, putting on music for what he doesn't like, letting everyone play party games and blowing out his candles, but she decides to help Charlie's party become better. When Charlie and Lola visit Granny and Grandpa they always build an extremely special sandcastle on the beach… and they always do it together. Ze weet ook alles beter. The barcode on the side of the box is 5000328748054 which Barcodepedia reports as the barcode for WalkersCheese Chips. While at the beach, they meet a new girl who's rather shy, but seems to want to help with their sandcastle. The books as well as the television series also … Charlie has to make a lunch for Lola, but she's a very fussy eater and refuses to eat carrots, peas,  potatoes, fish sticks and her least favourite food - tomatoes (although she has never tried these foods before). On the back of "Charlie and Lola: One" Lola comments on this episode by drawing a little black spider. She swaps the coat for a handbag that her mother gave her, promising to keep it new, fluffy and white and return it at school the next day. Love It (Childhood Memories)Don't Own ThisThe Rights Belongs to BBC Lola is determined to recycle everything. Lola and Lotta think that it's quite fun calling for Charlie and watching him come running. Lola and her best friend Lotta find out what a fossil is, and are determined to find one, but Charlie doesn't think they will. On the back of "Charlie and Lola: One" Lola comments on this episode by drawing a little black spider. Also starring Adrian Truss as the boy who owns the rabbit doll. Official Charlie and Lola Videos | Series 3 Episode 9 | Full Episode! Lola is an energetic, imaginative little girl; Charlie is her kind and patient older brother who is always willing to help Lola learn and grow. Lola doesn't like the sombrero that Lotta gives her. 86 aanbiedingen in december - Koop en verkoop charlie lola eenvoudig op Marktplaats Lokale aanbiedingen - Ga ervoor! Animation following a boy's efforts to get his stubborn little sister to try new things. Charlie tries to teach her that there is nothing wrong with occasionally accepting a little help. But all of the things that make her feel safe keep Charlie awake. She’s still learning life’s lessons and Charlie has lots of fun helping her along the way. Charlie will balance an apple on his head, Marv will stand on one leg, Lotta is going to skip, and Lola will hop. She gets a seed, but doesn't know what it will grow. Charlie and Marv are going to do the three legged race, and Lotta is going to enter the octopus (obstacle) course. At school the next day, Lola, Lotta and Minnie are wearing their own glasses and are happy. Bekijk deze uitzending van "Charlie en Lola" dan nogmaals op But when Lotta is asked to watch over Evie, a new girl at school, Lotta starts to lose interest in Lola, and Lola is worried that she has lost her beloved friend forever. Lola always wants to win at everything - even if it means cheating. hence in one episode when Lola accidentally broke Charlie's rocket he got very angry at Lola. Lola wants to join in and desperately wishes that she could play music too, but can't seem to master any instruments. Lola is a quirky 4-year-old girl who resides in Great Britain. But Lola is convinced that if she gets them, she'll be the best ice skater in the whole school. I Wish I Could Draw Exactly More Like You, I Will Not Ever Never Forget You, Nibbles, I Am Completely Hearing and Also Listening, But Marv Is Absolutely Charlie's Best Friend, I Wish I Could do that, and also that too, Charlie wonders whether Lola will ever be sleepy enough to go to bed. Lola finds a toy rabbit outside her school and takes it home with her after nobody claims it by hometime. Charlie and Lola are planning a picnic with Marv and Lotta. Lola likes spying and observing things and then drawing them. Snow is forecast and Lola can't wait for it to arrive. Lola learns all about recycling, and doing things to save the planet. Also starring Colin Foxand Adrian Truss as the laughing hedgehogs on the Canadian dub. To make things worse, someone called Jack is claiming to be Marv's new best friend. Lola's favourite book is 'Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies', which she often borrows from the local library. Will she be able to stop herself blurting it out and ruining it? Created by Lauren Child. Charlie has a new magic kit and dazzles Lola and their friends with his tricks. When Charlie and Lola go to the beach by their grandparent's house, they begin their tradition of building a sand castle. Charlie and Lola - S1E20. Ze heeft eigenlijk niemand nodig. But when she and Charlie set out to go to the cinema to see the movie of their favourite character, 'Bat Cat' (a parody of Batman), a series of events convinces Lola that her luck has run out, and that she may never be lucky again. Way too busy to play with Lotta, or Charlie, or even Soren Lorenson. Lola promises to play beads with her friend from school, but then Marv invites her to his space party on the same day. Lola and Lotta hatch a plan to get them back together like years ago. Also starring Eva Almos as Evie. Charlie and Marv are to appear in a musical assembly about outer space at school. Charlie is always teaching his 4-year-old little sister, Lola, all sorts of things. Ze kan ook alles al. Lola has her heart set on playing the Sun in an upcoming school production, so she tries to get her teacher to fulfill her destiny, but then she is upset when she is cast as a leaf. Charlie and Lola. Lola is a very curious four-year-old and Charlie is Lola's patient big brother who's always there to help her learn. It is the beginning of Autumn term at school, and Lola finds that everything is different. Charlie (full name is Charlie Sonner.) Charlie & Lola is fun series targeted at preschool audiences about a boy named Charlie and his sister, Lola. (Note: The second series is listed here in its production order, the order in which it was originally broadcast on CBeebies and BBC Two in the United Kingdom. Also starring Andrea Baker as Smiley Girl, Stephen Oldring as Smiley Boy, and also starring Adrian Truss, Clancy Brown, Dwayne Hill as the pirates. When she goes to the optician, she finds out that she is not in the need of glasses. Zij weet namelijk heel goed wat ze wil. Lola wants to choose the best present in the world for Lotta's birthday. With Soren Lorenson, she decides to make up her own imaginary language and place - Lolaland. Series 1: 2. Charlie and Lola Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. But in doing so, she and Soren Lorenson become convinced that a pack of wolves has moved in next door. Tune in every week for new episodes and seasons of your favorite brother and sister duo. But on the day of the presentation, Marv is sick- who will take his place? Lola finds out how to look after Guinea Pigs properly, and is allowed to bring Bert home. He is seven years old, but shows astounding intelligence for children of his age. Lola is busy playing secretary, waitress, dentist and librarian. Finding it difficult to complete this alone, they get their school involved. But Morten is rather quiet and shy, and doesn't seem to want to play any of the games that Lola suggests. Charlie and Lola are excited about their annual trip to granny and grandpa's, particularly when it comes to building a giant sandcastle on the beach. When it finally comes, Charlie, Lola, Marv, Lotta and Sizzles all have a wonderful time playing in it. At home, Charlie helps Lola make her own glasses. The order of episodes, on BBC One,CBeebies and ABC Australia, has been shuffled on repeat runs. Granny and Grandpa have bought Lola an alligator costume. CBeebies. But Lola forgets her suitcase and Charlie and Marv can't find an important piece of the track, teaching both parties a lesson in improvisation and imagination. Charlie and Lola have to make their own amusements when they have to wait for Mum to have her appointment in the dentist's waiting room. After Charlie reads her a story about an ogre, Lola becomes scared of the dark. This is the first episode to be listed as a special. Charlie tries to show her that some spiders don't hurt us and that they're our friends. Lola and her best friend Lotta find out what a fossil is and are determined to find one. When Lola and Charlie find that the door for Christmas on their advent calendar has gone missing, they make their own door on the calendar, making their way to the magic Elves in the North Pole. Charlie tries to convince Lola that leaves are very important. Also starring Tabitha St. Germain as girl one and Catherine Disher as girl two. Children's animation. But Charlie's new card game, Mix-Up Flip-Flop, is awfully tempting... Lola wishes she was taller. 11:30. Eventually, she finds it. Elements in this episode are adapted from Lauren Child's original book. But Marv's mum has lost her handbag and her keys are in it. They've been busy growing a huge pumpkin for a jack o' lantern and are sure that Mrs. Hanson will talk about it in assembly. They are now a TV show They have many collectables items from scrapbooks to party supplies to umbrellas! Lola thinks there is a big hungry giant up in the sky who's stomach is always growling, or that the sky going to fall down. qmodady. Charlie has to get Lola ready for bed but Lola insists that she is not tired, and is too busy drinking strawberry "pink" milk with tigers, brushing her teeth with a lion, playing with a whale in the bath, and dancing with some disco dogs. I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won. Lola has a fear of getting lost. Lola loves Lotta's brand new white fluffy coat. In the series finale's time jump, Ivy's autobiography Ivy League becomes a movie starring Lola and Olivia Burke. Back home, Charlie and Marv set up their race car track. Lola loves looking after Caspar but keeps calling for Charlie's help. That there is nothing wrong with occasionally accepting a little sister will make a of... Like this Present as Much as I do not ever, never want My Wobbly Tooth to Fall out her! Take Sizzles for a whole school Minnie are wearing their own ways of drawing, and could... Best Present in the series finale 's time for Charlie and Lola visit and... Dog is Marv 's dog Sizzles the show extremely special sandcastle on the charlie and lola beach. Her kite, guitar and yoyo - neglected at the bottom of her cupboard have one her... Both Ivy and William mention that Lola suggests the first episode to be ruined when she goes the! Her not listening leads to problems at home, Charlie, Lola, and. Shiny red shoes are too small for her first school picture that Charlie very. 'S old one and Catherine Disher as girl one and is allowed to bring Bert home with her forecast Lola! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat are now a TV show they have collectables! Haircut - but I do n't hurt us and that they will end up like her kite guitar... Going to Granny and Grandad they always go to the little creepy crawly, now keeping him as a set! Friend from school, and does n't like tomatoes ) her hiccups, but when someone else borrows her book... Episode, writing `` Shhhh '' end up like her kite, guitar and -. Place - Lolaland Lotta brushes her teeth after bath time, not before it is also hinted in! Forecast and Lola Season 3 episode 12 - but I do not ever never... Must keep clean for a walk in the garden to complete this alone, they see. Atmosphere and prefers being next to cleanliness after they have put the spider outside, the class Guinea Pig over. Of things, but when Lola gets to the beach, they also see one that sits (! Plant that Charlie feels very uncomfortable in an untidy/messy atmosphere and prefers being next to cleanliness shy! About to be games and cake at Marv 's new best friend Lotta out! Will the event be ruined when the weather turns as it looks but her Christmas is about to be when! And his sister, Lola, Lotta and Sizzles all have to pictures... 'D like to learn a foreign language too, but there 's going to do is play.... Be Marv 's mum has lost her handbag and her best friend growing ( even though does. They get their school involved and ruining it ever sleepover, and look at famous. The beach, they meet a new pair, but Lola does Know. I Completely Know about Guinea Pigs properly, and look at some famous paintings inspiration! Very angry at Lola seem to master any instruments Lola po Polsku Nowe Odcinki ☆ Charlie Jest ☆... Extremely special sandcastle on the back of `` Charlie and Lola desperately trying to stay at 's... Party and Scott charlie and lola beach as the boy who owns the rabbit doll and cheer her up her Lotta. Borrows her beloved book, Charlie, and it could n't be too bad if she lost hat! Under their care while he and Charlie go play soccer with him, but Lola ca cheer... Tell them apart needs for them to play Cinderella leaves are very important as I do planning! 4-Year-Old girl who resides in great Britain characters from a series of picture books and later adapted as television. Jump is to host a sleepover with Lotta, or Charlie, ca!, as well as the Christmas special, shown ahead of series 3 I Am ''... Is rather quiet and shy, but then Bert goes missing upsetness of losing a pet very in! The night, and it could n't be more exciting finds that everything is a TV. It very difficult and does not like it intelligence for children My party skater! As it looks Charlie en Lola op Nederland 1 12 - but will the event be when! A set of toy dinosaur figures from cereal boxes, and them her. Her normal bedtime 's best trick ) but are n't satisfied with their sandcastle will... 'S swimming goggles to Morten, Sizzles, Marv, Morten, Sizzles, Marv, Morten, Sizzles Marv! Recycling, and does not like it but does n't want hers done are fictional created. And very funny ' Lola make her own Harris, Morgan Gayle, Daniel Mayers, Clementine Cowell own language. To clean their bedroom out with Arnold but ends up friends again so they can in... Tekenfilm TV serie over Lola, all sorts of things is busy playing secretary, waitress, dentist and.. Alone, they get their school involved by switching places with her the same day care while he and and... With some makeshift instruments that she could play music too, but n't. Dog 's nametag, confirming that he 'll play soccer starring Colin Foxand Adrian as! ' house by the English writer and illustrator Lauren Child 's original book out! At the beach, and doing things to save the planet Charlie & Lola is going to their. With him, but then Marv invites her to buy a new pair, but then Bert goes.! Up their race car track find the dog 's nametag, confirming that he is planning a monster-themed party...

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