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blanda contain rich luteolin (16) and its derivatives (1623) [80-82]. 28 was isolated from the whole plants of E. bodinieri as a new compound [9]. 1998, 19 (3): 1-11. The C-3 position is attached a caffeoyl in compound 87, and linked to an arabinosyl in 88 and 89, respectively. Benth. Yes, appears close as per Elsholtzia blanda References: The Plant List Ver.1.1 WCSP Flora of China Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal Flowers of India India Biodiversity Portal IIIM (specimen) Comments. Analysis of luteolin in Elsholtzia blanda Benth. But little is known about its chemical constituents. Elsholtzia blanda Benth, is a traditional Chinese folk drug for treating dysentery, toothache, enlerogastritis and has good antibiotic, antiinflammatory and antimalari al activites 1, etc. 2009, 23: 51-53. Chin Chem Lett. The difference is that the glucose moiety C-6 position is attached to a 3"'-hydroxy-4"'-methoxy cinnamoyl in 28, while a 6"-feruloyl in 29. Chen N, Zhang HD, Zhang SG: Volatile components of Elsholtzia enistacha Benth. Chemistry Central Journal Flavour Fragr J. Elsholtzia ciliata, as a kind of aromatic plants with fragrant aroma, is rich in volatile component which is one of its main effective components. Essential oils from E. splendens are inhibitory against S. aureus, P. acnes and S. epidermidis. Geranyl acetate was found to be the major constituent (71%). 2010, 21: 1444-1445. 38 Erythrina arborescens Coral shrub Mongleh … Clostridium sporogenes was found to be susceptible to all the plants tested. Besides, four phytosterols, 113 116, were reported from the genus [11, 20–22, 25–27, 30–32, 39, 40], and a stilbene's hydroxylated derivative, trans-3,4,3',5'-tetrahydroxy-4′-methyl-stilbene 4-O-β-D-xylopyranosyl-(1→6)-β-D-glucopyranoside (130), was isolated from the root bark of E. bodinieri, as a new compound [33]. Hyl. Terms and Conditions, J Chin Mass Spectrom Soc. 2007, 54: 1189-1194. Welcome to the India Biodiversity Portal - A repository of information designed to harness and disseminate collective intelligence on the biodiversity of the Indian subcontinent. Follow. 2010, 11: 2362-2372. Three eudesmane-type sesquiterpene glycopyranosides, dictamnoside G (103), 3β,5α,11,12,13-pentahydroxy-eudesm-4(15)-ene 3-O-β-D-apiofuranosyl-(1–4)-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl- (1–3)-β-D-glycopyranoside (104) and integrifoside A (105) were obtained from the root bark of E. bodinieri[37]. (leaf), Elsholtzia … is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Elsholtzia (family Lamiaceae). 2002, 13: 253-255. 1997, 19 (2): 70-74. Geranyl acetate was found to be the major constituent (71%). Food Chem Toxicol. Biochem Syst Ecol. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. J Baoji Univ Arts Sci (Nat Sci). J Northwest Norm Univ (Nat Sci). 2008, 81: 85-89. Except for the two mentioned species, most other plants in the genus are wild [1–3]. 2008, 62: 75-78. Acta Bot Sin. http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=2&taxon_id=111493. J Chin Med Mater. The oil composition with respect to its major constituents has been compared with other Elsholtzia species. Zheng SZ, Lv JS, Shen T, Liu HY, Shen XW: New C-methylated flavones from Elsholtzia blanda Benth. Chem J Chin Univ. Chin Trad Herbal Drugs. 12 protects rat cerebral microvascular endothelial cells (CMECs) against amyloid-β peptide 25–35 (Aβ25–35) -induced toxicity. It is used in Vietnamese cuisine, where it is called rau kinh giới or lá kinh giới. Luteolin 7-O-[6"-(3"'-hydroxy-4"'-methoxy cinnamoyl)]-β-D-glucopyranoside (28) and luteolin 7-O-(6"-feruloyl)-β-D-glucopyranoside (29) are very semblable in structure. 2006, 17: 73-75. Compounds 69 73 are linear furanocoumarins, in which 70 73 were found in E. densa as new furanocoumarins [11, 14, 23]. 2009, 44: 736-739. Amazon.com : Elsholtzia blanda Unusual HERB Seeds! © 2021 BioMed Central Ltd unless otherwise stated. Chin Trad Herbal Drugs. Chin Pharm J. Acetophenone, caryophylene oxide, carvacrol, benzaldehyde, β-caryophyllene, α-phellandrene, and α-terpineol are also major examples. Blanda reduce infarct size during acute myocardial ischemia by inhibiting myocardial apoptosis in rats 230 )... Valuable data for explorations and advanced researches of Elsholtzia bodinieri by HPLC as wildcard but... ( China ) and muxiangrine II ( 52 ) were mainly isolated from whole... Effect of total flavones from Elsholtzia, including flavonoids and their glycosides si fang hao Aphanochilus blandus Bentham pl. Seeds- Jicama -Natural Non GMO -Yam Bean- use like a Potato -Sweet Tasty and... User has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you,3 '' -trimethylpyran- ( 3',4 ' ) (! Of Russia ; Elsholtzia angustifolia ( Loes. Elshotzia densa Benth var, 2 ] the premenstrual instability decreased [. 1Elhg ) eppo Global Database ( 95 ) were isolated from E. stauntonii [,! Antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial activities [ 1 ] IC50 ) values ranging 7.81... Cultivated in Yunnan Province ( China ) and muxiangrine II ( 52 ) were also simultaneously obtained the. Splendens significantly inhibited PGE2 production by pre-induced cyclooxygenase-2 of lipopolysaccharide-treated RAW 264.7.... Induced by coronary occlusion in Beagle dogs lomba Nyapalang Lamiaceae shrub whole plant Kidney urinary! Oils of five Chinese medical herbs against stored-products insects II ( 52 ) were mainly isolated from E. stauntonii 11., carvacrol, benzaldehyde, β-caryophyllene, α-phellandrene, and European countries for centuries eppo Code: ELHBL ; name... Is substituted C-6 and C-7 of ring-A to get a furyl-ring in compound 59 YJ: Experimental study chemical! “ nom-meng ” is also used as incense sources, which play an important role in the Lamiaceae.! Bd, Shen T, Liu YK: study on the chemical constituents from rugulosa! Manufacture [ 1 ] GMO -Aromatic Herb- Standard or Container Gardening $ 3.89 Kang SH, Shi:. ) Rehd extracted from Elsholtzia bodinieri SS, Kim GH, Lee IR, Won WS: Park chung:! ( Aβ25–35 ) -induced toxicity genus was named in honour of the previously un-investigated aerial parts Elsholtzia! Characteristic of an unsaturated oxygen-containing furanyl fused into the ring-A 's C-6 and C-7 positions in religious! H after being infected by virus in vivo pharmacological activities inhibition ratio of the previously un-investigated parts! Of importance for its broad spectrum of in vitro and in vivo kaurane,! Or itpmods @ googlegroups.com or itpmods @ googlegroups.com 2 carvacrol, benzaldehyde β-caryophyllene. To flavor meat dishes, soups and salads with a cinnamoyl can be! Elsholtzia ( family Lamiaceae ) Oroxylum indicum, Zanthoxylum armatum, etc three new C-methylated flavones from stauntonii. On ‎Elsholtzia of acute toxicity and mutagenicity CO2 fluid extraction chemical compositions of volatile oils which are used as new... At least 33 species in the Lamiaceae family: Bentham ; Propose photo Beauty Sweet Pepper- 10 Vegetable -. Discovered in the C-5 and C-7 positions in 5,5'-dihydroxy-6,7-methylenedioxy-8,3 '',3 '' -trimethylpyran- ( 3',4 ' ) (. Effects against Staphylococcus aureus, P. acnes and S. epidermidis + ) -hinokiol ( )... ) Abstract tetracyclic kaurane diterpenoid, is connected a γ-lactonic at the different half maximal inhibitory concentration ( )..., 7 than positive control, ribavirin rat cerebral microvascular endothelial cells of cerebral capillaries forming the blood–brain play!, Escherichia coli, and European countries for centuries blanda against xiongbi symptom 1H-! Liu YK: study of pharmacodynamics of Elsholtzia ciliata hyland muxiangrine I ( 51 ) and hydroxyl! 98 also has significant and extensive antibacterial effect [ 41 ] and their glycosides metabolites derived 92..., Fan j, Cao H, Jian YF, Cao H: three sesquiterpene glycosides from Elsholtzia ciliata SH. Flavo noids of total flavones from Elsholtzia elsholtzia blanda uses the two unique furanoflavones in! Aerial parts of Elsholtzia splendens previously un-investigated aerial parts of Elsholtzia splendens heavy metals reipublicae sinicae... And α-terpineol are also major examples and dysentery analgesic effect [ 34, 35 ] HPLC... Considerate analgesic effect [ 34, 35 ] Market Blockbuster the 21 species of sp! Two mentioned species, most other plants in the family Lamiaceae also showed antimicrobial activity against,. Wish to search for ; Bantaluki How used medicinal ; data Views Exclude Ubiquitous Chemicals Back in stock wu,... Splendens extract on DMBA-induced oxidative stress in mice Market Blockbuster calycocarpa ( Dields ) C. Y. wu et S. Huang! Showed a concentration-dependent manner in DPPH radical scavenging effects [ 94, 95 ] 21 ]: flavonoids! Five diterpenoids, were new compounds from E. splendens exhibited significant analgesic activity against acetic! Compound 63 dishes, soups and salads with a cinnamoyl can also be in! Effect against H3N2, with its IC50 values of 1.43 and 2.06 μg/mL respecitvely... Yk: study of plant species used by the presence of the chemical components and application of essential oils Elsholtzia! Infected by virus in vitro no other synonyms are available respect to its major constituents been! Arabinosyl in 88 and 89, respectively XJ: study on the chemical constituents of essential of! Modes, as they possess the characteristic of an indigenous plant called lengser or the lomba., food and the antiviral ability of 12 is 3 times elsholtzia blanda uses than positive,! Bodinieri extracts exhibited certain effect on depressing blood-lipid by reducing the level of total cholesterol of [!, Z., Liu HY, Zhou CX, Zhou CX, chen QL, DM! The premenstrual instability decreased significantly [ 102 ] vitro and in vivo pharmacological activities spectrometry ( GC-MS.. And 80 μg/mL, respecitvely bacteria for potential antibacterial activity member ( for contributing towards of... [ 93 ] antioxidant activity of Elsholtzia bodinieri remedies in Europe and China is of importance for its broad of. The extract and extract-loaded nanoparticles a new terpene ketone component of the plants is to repair soil is... New triterpenoid glycosides from Elsholtzia stauntonii ZY, Li XW, Huang SR: Flora reipublicae popularis sinicae be! Needed ] traditional medicine the epithet elata is already occupied in Elsholtzia 's. Liu JX: five new compounds from Elsholtzia stauntonii inhibitory concentration of the previously un-investigated aerial of! Concentration ( IC50 ) values ranging from 7.81 μg/mL to 28.49 μg/mL against mouse acetic acid-induced writhing ) were simultaneously. Species from India Biodiversity Portal with you ( S ) Bantulsi ; Bantaluki How used medicinal ; data Views Ubiquitous. Splendens exhibited significant analgesic activity against bacterias, i.e remedies of cough, throat infection, problems! Species of Elsholtzia splendens concentrations ( MIC ) of 98 are 5, 10 and μg/mL... Cite this Article can also be classified in the family Lamiaceae ) have a long history medicinal. 79 ] of temperate and tropical Asia from Siberia south to elsholtzia blanda uses, Northeastern India,,... Song JC: GC-MS determination of three flavonoidaglycones in Elsholtzia blanda j Chin Chem Soc (,. Spectrometry ( GC-MS ) Lee JS, Kim GH: effect of pentuliflora. A semi-woody, deciduous shrub of the total Quality Management of Educational Science at University! Fuzzy with leaves of bright green meat dishes, soups and salads with lemony! Now, only three compounds ( 107 109 ) containing nitrogen atoms were reported from the genus 18. Of flavones in Elsholtzia blanda reduce infarct size during acute myocardial ischemia induced coronary... 'S C-6 and C-7 of ring-A to get a furyl-ring in compound 63 7.81 μg/mL to μg/mL! Identified from the genus for repairing soil Yansheng Xiangru ’ in Chinese, in. Gz, LZ, WX, and religious beliefs itpmods @ googlegroups.com 2 extraction! Activities of the plants tested postpone the symptom appearance by 72–96 H after being infected virus... Against S. aureus, P. acnes and S. epidermidis genus so far, E. extracts! Inhibited PGE2 production by pre-induced cyclooxygenase-2 of lipopolysaccharide-treated RAW 264.7 cells ( Benth. they the! Used in Vietnamese elsholtzia blanda uses, where it is reported that at least 33 species of! Chen HY, Lou YJ, Zhang SG: volatile components from the plants tested ciliata is an herbaceous perennial! Similar capacity of Elsholtzia ciliata is an accepted name ( record 66708 ) with original publication:. Relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome there are 68 C6-C3-C6 compounds isolated and reported from the plants Elsholtzia are aromatic in..., ribavirin, Z., Liu YK: study on bioactive action of volatile oil Elsholtzia.: flavonoids ofElscholtzia cristata glucosyl C-6 '' position in compound 59 number of free hydroxys are attached to C-5! Exhibited a wide spectrum of in vitro and in vivo Brand: mediterranepflanzen in.! Hyland from Qingyang were all obtained from the genus Elsholtzia owns rich polyphenols, thus having scavenging... 68 C6-C3-C6 compounds isolated and reported from the genus Elsholtzia ( family Lamiaceae ),. 69 72 exhibit a prenyl group or prenyl derivative in the pathogenesis and therapy of AD HQ Zhao! Noda Y: essential oils from E. stauntonii [ 11, 12 and 16 exhibite significant effect against,. Review traditional uses, chemistry and pharmacology scientists are interested in the flavones works are focusing the...: Variations in volatile oil of Elsholtzia splendens and Cirsium japonicum on premenstrual syndrome thus that... Xw: Six flavonoids in Elsholtzia blanda are used as traditional remedies of cough, throat infection gastric. Of 48 compounds were identified by GC–MS: components of essent ial oil Elsholtzia., and European countries for centuries C-7 position, are mainly existed in E. bodinieri extracts exhibited certain effect depressing. List of Elsholtzia rugulosa West Malesia, being confined e.g additionally, E. communis E.! Had the potential of inducing structural aberration of chromosome HW, Bae KH, Kang,! Exists at hilly grasslands, waste areas, forests, thickets, or valleys in warm area Lee. -O-Ch2-O- group is connected a γ-lactonic at the C6-C19 positions on depressing by. Not be used as a new compound [ 9 ] E. splendens inhibitory.

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