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Watch the Essential Flute made from start to finish... -Matt Molloy (Pictured with Blayne Chastain, IFS Owner). The first M&E Irish flute was handcrafted from oak over fifty years ago. Top notch ecommerce... Jump to Flutes from well-known makers like Boosey and Hawkes or Rudall and Rose can sell for thousands of dollars. 3.6 out of 5 stars 8. New & Consigned Irish Flutes & Whistles ... Ireland Metal Flute Tinwhistle Ireland Musical Instrument Irish Whistle Flute in D Key. It can be hard to buy a whistle or a flute online so allow us to help take the risk and pain out of the online buying process. The Irish Flute Guide has a handy searchable list of flute makers that you can use to find makers near you. They may seem like a good deal to start with, but they don’t play well and have little to no resale value. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 4 were here. Today, most instruments are tuned to a pitch standard called “A=440.” This wasn’t always the case, though, and antique flutes are often pitched lower or higher than modern ones. If you’re looking to buy used, it’s always best to buy from a fellow player. Online shopping from a great selection at Musical Instruments Store. NEW MINIATURES! Used flutes are usually sold by players, and are almost always in good, playable condition. Deborah loves singing and accompanies herself on piano & guitar. The Irish Flute Store. French and European flute makers like Jil Lehart, Stéphane Morvan, and Geert Lejeune are well-represented in the “vente” (“for sale”) postings. You should be absolutely sure that what you’re buying is what you want. Many of the local online classifieds like Craigslist, Gumtree, Donedeal, Kijiji et al. While even a keyless Irish flute from a well-respected maker might cost upwards of $1,000, these can be had for $300 or less, sometimes even less than $100! One thing to be aware of is that they also sell a few mass-produced flutes that are not made by expert flute makers. July 2020. They have a decent selection of Irish flutes for sale, including ones made by Joseph Morneault, Casey Burns, and Tony Dixon. Even if you don’t, a bit of Google Translate can help with the basic idea. Regular price $28.00 $ 28. The Irish Flute Store has a large selection of both new and used flutes and tin whistles for sale. By far, the best way to buy a new Irish flute is directly from the maker. USA/CANADA: 1800 707 5037 (toll free) INTERNATIONAL: +353 1 8611590. Lark in the Morning is one of the largest retailers of folk instruments in the US. He and his wife Evelyn now specialise in producing polymer flutes. The Best Beginner Tunes for Irish Flute and Tin Whistle. Jul 7, 2014 - The Irish Flute Store is a true mom & pop shop based out of downtown Greeley Colorado selling and consigning fine Irish flutes and tin whistles. Currency. Kindle e-Readers Free Kindle Reading Apps Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited Free Kindle Reading Apps Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited After that, everything else will fall into place. You can find some great bargains if you’re careful and patient, but you can also get ripped off if you’re not. It’s an active community, and there are many friendly and knowledgable posters who can answer any questions you might have. The Irish Flute Store - 922 8th Ave, Greeley, Colorado 80631 - Rated 4.9 based on 5 Reviews "The Irish Flute Stire totally Rocks! 12 Days of Christmas at Flute Pro Shop! When in doubt, search the brand name and see what information you can find on the maker. There are a number of budget-friendly options for beginning Irish flute players that are made by well-respected flute makers. M&E polymer F and Eb fultes are keyless. As the largest flute retailer in America, Flute World is an all-inclusive resource for the finest instruments, sheet music, recordings, and accessories. But it never hurts to ask a few questions! World Folk is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You’ve helped make a lifelong dream come true!". You may not even be able to get a sound out of them! Welcome! Discussion forums are another great option, where you can buy directly from another player. This album is the pure drop – the real deal. Set your friends or family up for success with a membership to Blayne Chastain's online Irish flute and tin whistle lessons! Gift memberships are delivered in the form of a unique code which you give the recipient (write it in a card, email, etc.). Save Up to 70% on our stunning collection today. Antique flutes also commonly have internal tuning issues that modern flutes don’t. But there are also a lot of relatively inexpensive flutes for sale on eBay and other sites which work well for irish music. Even if you don’t see anything you’re interested in, it’s worth putting up a “want to buy” post just in case someone has the flute you’re looking for. The Irish Flute Store is a true mom & pop shop based out of downtown Greeley Colorado selling and consigning fine Irish flutes and tin whistles. Blayne, holding degrees from both Berklee College of Music and the University of Limerick plays the Irish flute, tin whistle, bodhrán, guitar, piano and sings. In fact, for most makers this is the only way to buy a new flute! Expert repairs will add to the cost. The owner, Blayne Chastain, is an excellent flute player in his own right, and very happy to answer questions about the flutes he’s selling. Flutes and other Irish instruments are frequently posted for sale, and a “want to buy” post can also usually get some attention. Blayne shows you how he cares for his wooden flutes... online Irish flute and tin whistle lessons, Tunes (150+) Taught Both With & Without Ornamentation, Video Lessons Split into Multiple Chapters to Aid in Learning, Tunes Taught Phrase by Phrase to Learn by Ear, Beginning Courses for Tin Whistle and Irish Flute. HEAD OFFICE: +353 1 822 8040. We make Irish whistles in most of the popular keys. Saved from Based in Philadelphia, Vintage Instruments has an incredible variety of antique instruments for sale, including flutes. Very few makers offer their flutes through online retailers, but most have websites with prices, information on what they offer, and contact details. THE IRISH STORE. Oct 11, 2016 - The Irish Flute Store is a true mom & pop shop based out of downtown Greeley Colorado selling and consigning fine Irish flutes and tin whistles.. . eBay has plenty of antique flutes for sale, usually labeled as “wooden,” “antique” or “Irish.” As noted above, their condition can vary considerably, and many sellers know little to nothing about the flutes they have for sale. While most other online retailers are larger shops with limited flute experience, Blayne is very knowledgable. The vast majority of people on these forums are music lovers and flute players who just want to see their instrument go to a loving home. Shop the … The stylish arrangements are completed by information on the individual pieces on the styles and the culturalbackground. If you’re not able to buy locally, there are a few online options. (To sign up yourself, simply head over to to get started! Welcome to the Irish Flute Shop; we are here to serve you in all your fluting needs. The one brand you’ll find a lot of is Tony Dixon. If you’re looking for an Irish flute, there are plenty of places to find one for sale. While they’re not regarded as being the same quality as more expensive flutes, many players do enjoy playing them. $5.00 shipping. Instruction on how to hold the flute, embouchure and breathing technique (the secret of Irish flute tone.) Shop our stunning collection of Aran sweaters, Celtic jewelry and the finest Irish homeware and gifts from all your favorite Irish brands. They can be in any condition, from ready-to-play to unsalvageable, and it can sometimes to be hard to tell which is which from just a few pictures. All of this is to say that you should be careful when buying an antique flute. Hurry and grab a bargain while stocks last! Based out of Greeley, Colorado, the Chastains are known for being a musical family. Always ask questions and do your research. They’re usually very meticulous about documenting the condition of everything they sell, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Wind-D-Fender at Flute Pro Shop; The Flutist's Life by Erv Monroe of Muramatsu America Flutes with Trudy Kane and Joan Sparks. Your next step … Earth Day. ", O'Riordan C/D Set with Extra Goldie Headjoint. Settings . You can often do better pricewise by waiting for flutes to appear on the Chiff and Fipple flute forum (there’s a Seery there now for example, located in Ireland). The flute along with the tin whistle is one of the most popular Irish wind instruments today.. Read all about Irish flute players and the importance of the flute in Irish music on our music blog. The issue is, they can be tough to find at first. Parlez-vous français? Since the modern Irish flute is based off of the flutes popular in the 19th century, many Irish flute players play antiques from that era. As you’ll find, there are a lot of great makers out there, and lots of strong opinions from players as to which are the best! Have a look at my Irish Flute Store and the McNeela Tin Whistle Store. Their kids Erin & Grady play piano & drums respectively. Save up to a massive 60% off + 10% off everything, Use code: SECRET at The Irish Store Sale! Hall Crystal Flute 21715 - Offset Glass Flute in G - Rose/Green. We stock a range of instruments by Irish flute makers and whistle makers as well as our own line of the best student flutes on the market. Award-winning flute shop in London: flutes, piccolos, alto/bass, sheet music and accessories. As these are processed manually, please allow 1 to 2 business days for code delivery via email to you. Extensive range, fast delivery. The Irish Flute Store has a large selection of both new and used flutes and tin whistles for sale. As for online retailers, there are only a few with a decent selection of new Irish flutes for sale. To save yourself some money and frustration, stay away from FSOs. As a young flute player, Michael built his first flute, pictured below, from an oak wheel spoke taken from a horse-drawn carriage. This beginner Irish flute lesson shows you how to play the flute step by step. The simple system wooden flute, also known as the traditional Irish flute, or an fheadóg mhór (large Irish whistle), has played an important part in the history of traditional Irish music. often have Irish flutes listed for sale. Chiff and Fipple is a website and discussion forum centered around the instruments of Irish music. A bargain, right? The second most popular is the high D. D is the most commonly used key for whistles for sessions and you will find most traditional Irish music is playable on a D whistle (either high D or low D). The site started out with a focus on the tin whistle, but has since added sub-forums for the Irish flute, uilleann pipes, and other instruments. Bill Margeson from LiveIreland says this about Blayne's album Fiddle & Flute with fiddler Natalie Padilla and pianist Peter Romero... "A really terrific piece of business from Colorado no less! In other words, they may look like a flute, but that’s just about it. January Clearance Event! There are some important differences between a “used” (but recently-made) flute and a true antique. Suite 6, 5-7 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. Irish Music Stories Podcast : Episode 42-The Long Arm of the Irish Tradition 05/29/2020 $12.99 / 20 Famous Tunes from Ireland-The most beautiful Irish dances jig reels hornpipes Carolan tunes and folsongs carry the reader away into the world of Irish music. If you look on eBay, Amazon, and other online retailers, you’ll find a number of very cheap “Irish Flutes” for sale. Dec 20, 2018 - The Irish Flute Store is a true mom & pop shop based out of downtown Greeley Colorado selling and consigning fine Irish flutes and tin whistles. Just make sure to do your due diligence, and never send money if you think something may be a scam. Self Care at Flute Pro Shop! They’re cheap, but these are not very good flutes for reasons I’ll detail a little later in this article. Also check out our sister site, the Irish Whistle Shop, for deals on discounted used whistles, along with our brass, nickel, aluminum, wood, and low whistles. You may or may not get a flute in playable condition with good tuning. Sale. Charles Nicholson The turning point was the early 19th century when Charles Nicholson an English flute virtuoso, contrived with Thomas Prowse and Clementi & Co … The Irish Flute Store. Our most popular model is the Low D Irish Whistle.

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