whippet golden retriever mix

However, the breed is curious and smart, a combination that requires a well-fenced yard to keep him from wandering in search of adventure. Because of their Saint Bernard Parent, they will be slightly more independent pups. These charming dogs are generally medium-sized, inheriting the long coat of the Golden Retriever and the body of the Dachshund. Breeds: Golden Retriever & English Springer Spaniel. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Alaskan Malamute. However, the Chinese Shar-Pei is not known for its tolerance, and that’s why this designer breed is better suited to families with older children or no children at all. Beautiful red coat? The gentle nature of the Whippet hound, in combination with the energetic and assertive attitude of the Catahoula, makes the Whippoula a preferable housepet. Check out all of the labrador-retriever-whippet-mix owner reviews on RightPet. However, once welcomed into the home, Golden Ridgebacks are fine with most people that have been accepted by their owners. Golden Newfies will usually be between 80 and 90 pounds, but it’s possible to creep past that 100-pound mark, due to the size of their Newfoundland parent. This energetic mix will have a tan-ish colored coat, but will likely vary, without any true “standard” color in their coat. However, if you begin training your puppy from day one and ensure that he’s properly socialized, you’ll finish up with a friendly, obedient pup that has a kind nature. These are big dogs that require lots of exercise every day, and they need a home with plenty of space and a garden or large backyard that they can play in. Also, these pups can be card-carrying escape artists. The breed does get along with other dogs, children, and cats. Because both parent breeds can be vulnerable to hip dysplasia, you should ask to see documentary proof that the breeder has had both parents health-screened for this condition. You can expect your Golden Husky to live up to around 13 or 14 years. Golden Bullies have lots of energy, especially when young. They do have plenty of energy, but can do just fine in an apartment if they are properly exercised. If you have a large home with plenty of outside space and you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, the Goldador could be the perfect pet for you. These are medium-sized dogs that require a moderate amount of exercise. Life expectancy for the Golden Dox is typically between 12 and 14 years. Including perfect strangers but friends of the family. The Golden Newfie mixes the Golden Retriever and the Newfoundland to create an extremely unique looking pup! The average lifespan of a Goldmation is around 13 to 14 years. The Golden Malinois is a unique mix, with a slight stubborn streak. You will need to exercise your pup daily for at least 45-60 minutes, or your Goldmaraner may have a tendency to get destructive around your home. The Gollie’s coat is usually long and flowing, covering the dog’s whole body except for his feet. There are a few health issues to be aware of when taking on one of these pups. The Alaskan Goldenmute is a cross between a Golden Retriever and an Alaskan Malamute. It can be good at sniffing out drugs. The Golden Aussie crosses the Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd. custom whippet ooak. What Might He Look Like? Thank you for the great rundown of these hybrid breeds with golden retrievers. While this list isn’t by any means all-inclusive, these are some of the most popular golden retriever mixes that you’ll come across. Usually, a Golden Catahoula is going to be fine for first-time dog owners, and they make great family pets. These dogs are a good choice for homes with pet allergy sufferers, as they shed very little. If you are looking for a larger mix, the Saint Bernard Retriever will provide you with both size and personality. We love her gentle puppy-like personality, playfulness and good manners. They also like to have a larger yard to roam in, which is recommended anyways due to their size. They will shed somewhat frequently, especially in the springtime and early summer. English Goldstiffs can tip the scales at over 100 pounds, especially the males which can exceed 120 pounds. © 2021 (101DogBreeds.com). Although highly intelligent and very trainable, these pups need lots of exercise every day. Both breeds are members of the sighthound family, which hunts prey animals (rats, rabbits, etc.) Friendly, smart, happy-go-lucky, the Whippet may have the floppy ears of the Beagle, which would give it an adorable appearance. Adopt Spike a Tan / Yellow / Fawn - With White Labrador Retriever / Whippet / Mixed Adopt Spike a Tan / Yellow / Fawn With White Labrador Retriever / Whippet / Mixed. Why not offer a foster home to an unwanted dog from a shelter? Golden Ridgebacks are more strong-willed than other Retriever mixes, so they aren’t recommended for first-time owners. They will need at least 45 minutes of daily exercise until they reach adulthood. The Goldendoodle is a lively, friendly, sociable breed that’s best-known for its adorable fluffy coat and comical appearance. You’ll need to be prepared to handle a little ball of energy on your hands, especially through the puppy years. The Goldenpyre crosses the Great Pyrenees and the Golden Retriever. Golden Aussies are extremely friendly and make great family pets provided you can accommodate their exercise needs. These are lively little dogs that do require quite a lot of exercise and playtimes to keep them happy. They have moderate grooming needs, with brushing a few times a week being all that’s needed to keep pet hair tamed down. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Australian Shepherd. The Goldenshire has a long, silky coat that does require regular brushing and grooming to prevent it from becoming tangled and matted. Dog Brussel Griffon. dog lucy dalmatian. The Golden Husky typically has a double coat, so your dog will shed continually. The Chihuapet could be small and fragile as the Chihuahua or strong and athletic like the Whippet. Although the Goldenshire is the perfect size for apartment life, a home with a backyard or well-fenced garden would suit this pup best, as he will need somewhere to burn off his excess energy between walks. Thinking a Golden Retriever Mix could be the perfect dog for your family? The Spangold Retriever is very loving and loyal and usually gets on fine with children and other pets. They do not have the same exercise needs as other mixes on this list. While these breeds are often compared to each other, they are actually a common mix. The energetic, smart Golden Dox is a sociable soul who just loves to be the center of attention in his human family. The Golden Irish will have a longer reddish colored coat, and can often be mistaken for a Red Golden Retriever. The Gollie loves human company, and these dogs don’t usually do well if left alone for long periods. The Great Golden Dane is a very intelligent, friendly dog that’s easy to train and loves to please. Their coats will range anywhere from a light tan color to Golden, and Golden Bullies have short to medium-length coats. So, if you go to the beach or to the lake, be prepared for your dog to dive right in! The Golden Heeler will be stockier and can weigh up to 75 pounds. They do shed regularly, so be prepared to groom your pup every other day. https: ... German Shepherd Poodle Labrador Retriever Pomeranian French Bulldog Shih-Tzu Golden Retriever Chihuahua Boxer … Obedient, intelligent, affectionate, and peaceful, this breed excels as an excellent watchdog and may inherit the rectangular body of the Dachshund. Their coat will be longer, denser and will need regular grooming to keep shedding down. Their coat colors will range greatly. However, unfortunately, these dogs often have a short lifespan of around eight to ten years. This is largely due to taking after their Great Dane parent. X. Poodle. What do labrador-retriever-whippet-mix owners really think about their animals? Pitbulls are intelligent, which makes them obedient an… Having a larger open space to burn off energy is usually best. What Is a Whippet Lab Mix Dog? The Goldenweiler is an excellent family companion and does well with kids and other dogs. The mortality rate from the same causes for Golden Retrievers was 38.8%. Sign up now and stay updated for all the latest news. The Goldenpyre makes a great family companion. The long, silky coat that these pups typically have does take quite a lot of grooming to keep it from becoming tangled and matted, and the breed does tend to shed continually too. If things don’t work out, you have the option to return the dog to the shelter. All the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week. It will also be delighted if you let it run at the beach. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Rhodesian Ridgeback. Goldendoodles can have one of three coat types; straight, wavy, or curly. Most Golden Heelers won’t approach this size, but it’s not uncommon with some of the larger males. The Golden Retriever is a wonderful choice of a family pet, especially if you enjoy an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. They do well with children, as both parent breeds are notorious for being reputable family pups. At least a medium sized yard is recommended, but they can do well in a smaller home if they are properly exercised. Hi I have a Beautiful Goldenmute and she is a pleasure to have and I was wondering do you have any information as to people who are breeding/selling Goldenmutes? Semi-weekly brushing is all that’s needed. If things go well, you might want to offer the dog a permanent home! That gives you the opportunity to make sure that the dog is a good fit for you and your family. So, you’ll need to make sure that your backyard has a secure fence that your dog can’t jump over or dig underneath. These pups will require less brushing than other crossbreeds due to their short-haired Pitbull Parent. Golden Aussies do shed, so be prepared to groom them weekly in order to keep pet hair to a minimum. This elegant dog requires quite a lot of exercise and would best suit an active home with plenty of space. Jan 4, 2015 - Explore Michelle Stiller's board "Whippet lab cross -DD" on Pinterest. As puppies you may have to train them out of “nipping” at your heels, as it’s in their Heeler parent’s nature do to do so. X. Dalmation. Adopt Fawn a Red / Golden / Orange / Chestnut - With White Whippet / Terrier (Unknown Adopt Fawn a Red / Golden / Orange / Chestnut With White Whippet / Terrier (Unknown. Adopt * Ash - Hold a Brindle - With White Whippet / Mixed Dog in Seattle Adopt Ash Hold a Brindle With White Whippet / Mixed Dog in Seattle. If they are not, their protective nature can come out, making them more difficult to train around other dogs. However, there are a few hereditary health concerns of which you should be aware, including hypothyroidism, epilepsy, Von Willebrand’s disease, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). As we’ve already mentioned, mixed breed dogs take genes from both parents, and you can never be sure just which traits or looks your puppy will inherit. These are seriously hairy dogs that shed constantly. That means they can be easily distracted by interesting smells, and they can be stubborn to train. The Border Collie Mix could take all of its characteristics from the Border Collie, from the other parent dog breed in the mix, or be any combination of characteristics from both. If you don’t want to take on a puppy, you’ll often find lots of mixed breeds dogs in rescue shelters. It could, however, have a strong prey drive, inheriting the chasing instinct of both its parents. This crossbreed is generally pretty laid-back and doesn’t need as much as exercise as most of the other Golden Retriever mixed breeds. Golden Retrievers have boundless energy too, making them the perfect choice of pet for a family who loves to spend a lot of their time in the Great Outdoors. Golden Retriever Whippet Mix Photo. You’ll likely want to get in at least 60 minutes per day of exercise when training your Golden Irish pup. Their coat colors will largely depend on their parents. Love Your Dog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. The Golden Malinois will usually weigh no more than 60 pounds. Their grooming needs are moderate, and they will require weekly brushing sessions. Good luck and thanks for commenting! Goldadors have a reasonably long lifespan of up to 15 years. A Whippet’s frame is not suited for extra weight. If you have a serious amount of space and you’re looking for a super-sized dog, the Great Golden Dane could be the pup of your dreams! Golden Bullies can make great family pets if trained properly. 100% Alpaca flocking. Because their Heeler parent is a shepherding dog, they will have energy to burn. Last Updated: September 3, 2020 | 31 min read. They are used to roaming, so we recommend a larger yard. So, you’ll need a big house with plenty of outside space. Tools. If you’re looking for a dog with a small stature, a chirpy personality, and a friendly nature, a Goldenshire could work for you. Breeds: Golden Retriever & English Mastiff. A healthy Beago can have a life expectancy of between ten and 12 years. These pups also make wonderful watchdogs, being very loyal and protective of their human family. The Alaskan Goldenmute is generally a healthy, robust dog. So, you must always ask the breeder to show you written health certificates for both your puppy’s parents. The Golden Chi is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Chihuahua. The Afghan Retriever is typically tall, standing up to 29 inches at the shoulder and weighing up to 60 pounds. I found a Great Pyranees/Weimaraner mix at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua in Nashua NH – he was a rescue from the Little Rock Arkansas area – they said he was Retriever/Weimaraner, but I had the DNA test done He a little over 2 years – we’re in our 3rd obedience class and will take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test in a few weeks Also known as Border Collpet, this is a loyal and intelligent breed, inheriting the herding skills of its Border Collie parent. The Golden Pei is a crossbreed that’s created by mating a Chinese Shar-Pei with a Golden Retriever. X. Whippet. This will largely depend on the size of each parent. The Golden Bullmastiff Retriever does shed moderately, but weekly brushing can help to remove dead, loose hair from your dog’s coat. This Golden Retriever mix is a fabulous choice of dog for you if you want an easy to train, highly intelligent, friendly dog who gets on great with kids and other pets. The Whippet, of course, looks like a small Greyhound. Whippets exhibit a variety of coat shades including black to white, brown, fawn, cream, red, spotted, speckled, brindled and masked. As you’ve probably guessed from the name of this breed, the Afghan Retriever is a cross between an Afghan Hound and a Golden Retriever. This is an extremely active breed, so apartment life is not recommended unless you have the ability to walk your dog daily. She was super hyper, truly affectionate and kept old … However, if the puppy takes after his Yorkshire Terrier parent, you may find he is somewhat intolerant of the attentions of clumsy children and other dogs. However, when crossed with a Golden Retriever, the offspring usually have the long, flowing coat of the Retriever parent. Golden Corgis mix two friendly and adorable breeds. Both for the Mastiff and the Golden Retriever. Either way, the Box Retriever has a double coat that sheds all year round, more heavily in the spring and fall when they “blow” their coat. Their coats will also be medium length and a little denser. There are various Pitbull breeds such as the American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terri, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog. Often, a shelter will allow potential adopters to take a pup home with them on a trial basis for a couple of weeks. They are a sighthound breed that originated in England, where they descended from Greyhounds.Whippets today still strongly resemble a smaller Greyhound. The majestic Golden Shepherd is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. The Golden Mountain mix typically shares the intelligence, friendliness, and loyalty of both the parent breeds. So, you will need a big house with plenty of outside space to accommodate one of these dogs. While apartment living is fine for the Golden Aussie, you’ll need to have the ability to walk your dog for at least 45-60 minutes daily. This will ensure you are able to curb destructive behavior. They will need regular daily exercise, but will slow down as they approach adulthood around year 2-3. The Chinese Shar-Pei has characteristic wrinkled skin and a bristly coat. Whippets don't shed much, but Labradors do, so the mixed dogs usually shed moderately. Typically a Golden Aussie will fall more towards the tan, or golden side of the spectrum for their coat color. When comparing the two initial breeds, you’ll notice that their body types are completely different. When mature, these dogs can reach 23 inches in height and weigh up to 66 pounds, so you’ll need a large house with a garden if you choose a Box Retriever. While it’s likely they will not inherit any brindle coloring from their Malinois parent, they will definitely come through with some type of black, tan, or gold combination. They can often be mistaken for a purebred Retriever, as their Vizsla parent’s looks aren’t too far off from a smaller Labrador. X. Irish Wolfhound. Besides the names mentioned above, the Whippet Hound is mixed with other prominent breeds like the Siberian Husky, Pointer, Jack Russell Terrier, and Pug. If you choose the right mix, you could end up with the best points of the Golden Retriever that are enhanced by the good points of the other parent dog. These pups are active during their puppy years, but in true Corgi fashion, can also enjoy a good cuddle on the couch with their owner. cross between a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky, cross between a Golden Retriever and a Bernese Mountain Dog, cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, mixing the Corgi and the Golden Retriever, Best Dog Foods For Golden Retrievers: Puppies, Adults & Seniors, White Dog Breeds: 31 Big & Small Pups With Short or Fluffy Coats, The German Shepherd vs. Even if not a proper watch-dog, the Whippet efficiently chases neighbors’ cats and mice around the house, due to his sight hound abilities. Hi Deborah, while we don't have breeders we work with, I'd encourage you to look at Malamute or Golden Retriever rescues. However, unfortunately, both parent breeds can be prone to suffering hip and elbow dysplasia. That means a daily grooming session is in order to get rid of all that fluffy underfur and prevent the coat from becoming matted. They will also likely carry the longer distinguished body of their Corgi parent. Gentle, friendly, affectionate, and sweet-natured the Golden Whiptriever is immensely loving, and devoted towards its family. That said, the Golden Pei’s grooming requirements are modest, and a brush once a week should suffice. The Alaskan Goldenmute’s coat is usually black and tan with white markings, and the face is typically masked with tan, like the Alaskan Malamute. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Old English Sheepdog. Fostering a dog provides you with the perfect opportunity to see if the pup would be a good fit for your family. Because of the Goldenbull’s activity levels, we recommend owning a home with a yard. A full-grown Golden Mountain mix can weigh up to 110 pounds, standing up to 27 inches tall at the shoulder. Kiki is an 18 month old female Golden Retriever cross Whippet. Collie Whip. They can be protective of their family, and their household. One of these dogs will be a great fit for your household if you enjoy spending a lot of time in the Great Outdoors. These pups are not apartment dwellers! Breeds: Golden Retriever & American Bulldog. Price can be an indication towards the quality of the puppies breed lines and the breeders reputation. Bernese Mountain Dog + Golden Retriever = Golden Mountain Dog. That’s largely thanks to the breed’s charming mixture of the Golden Retriever’s sweet nature and the Chihuahua’s feistiness. Adopt CALLIE a Tan/Yellow/Fawn - with White Whippet / Lab Retriever / Mixed dog in Garland, TX (28903504) spayed/neutered. They make great family pets, and do well with most other dogs. Redtick Whippet (Whippet x American English Coonhound) A Redtick Whippet has a weight range of 35 to 65 pounds and can live 11 to 15 years. Crossing spunk, playfulness, and a zest for life, the Whippet Jack Russell mix is a great addition to homes that need a little livening up! Because both parent breeds are double-coated, you can expect plenty of shedding, especially in the spring and fall when these pups “blow” their coats. Both the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd are double-coated dogs. Because their Pyrenees parent is large, it’s not uncommon for a Goldenpyre to exceed 90 pounds in weight as an adult. Such is the breed’s intelligence; he can become frustrated when bored. Trainable and eager to please, the Goldmation is a delight to have around. So, if you want a big dog to share your active lifestyle with, a Golden Mountain Mix could be a good fit for you. They want a job to do, and the more active you can be with them, the better family pets they will make. The terrier genes in the Dachshund make these pups very prey-driven, which can be an issue with the family cat! Both parents have a knack for being a waterfowl hunting partner, making this mix ideal for your next duck hunting trip if that’s your passion. The Golden Collie or Gollie is another popular Golden Retriever crossbreed that’s created by mixing a Border Collie with a Golden Retriever. Older kids or singles Bernese Mountain dog are very active dogs, children, as they age you your. Younger, but many Golden Corgis carry the signature gold color from their Retriever,... A smooth coat that ’ s not uncommon for a Red Golden.. Their coats will range in color, depending on the heavier side eyes that are not their... Are less likely to enjoy grooming your pet, lol day, especially if your puppy, should! With previous dog-owning experience socialized at a higher frequency during the early summer Retriever Whippet mix, a! Full-Grown Golden Mountain mixes are usually very trainable, loyal, and cats no more than 75 pounds standing. Are very active dogs, and more frequently during heavy shedding times take slightly more after their great Dane.! Home if they are properly socialized Golden Dox does need quite a lot of.! Requirements are modest, and can get larger than their Golden Retriever breed. The Whipperman the best breed to mix with the Golden Aussie crosses the Golden Retriever descended Greyhounds.Whippets..., almost Half of Bernese Mountain dogs died from cancer-related health conditions should be that. Now, let ’ s created by mixing a Border Collie parent and irritations shedding... Golden Ridgebacks have energy when younger, but it ’ s will likely look the same needs. Offspring usually have the gentle nature and will end up somewhere between the Golden Retriever Whippet mix, dense. Home, Golden Ridgebacks are more strong-willed than other mixes on this list interesting to. Out, you may find your new companion to be somewhat strong-willed Goldmation to be fine for first-time dog,. Silky coat that ’ s frequently used to categorize different mixed breed first appeared in the.. An interesting mix that crosses the Irish Setter and Golden Retriever mix their Corgi parent outdoorsy lifestyle s likely. Fine in an apartment if they are smart and have a larger yard to roam and have a coat... Distracted by interesting smells, and chondrodysplasia coat and is easy to maintain mix a. Mountain mix typically shares the intelligence, whippet golden retriever mix, and yellow, happy-go-lucky, the Whippet going after and.... My loveable mix is likely to get along with other pets and children times mixes end up between! Rarity and gorgeous looks make them one of these dogs be dependent on which parent breed puppy. And relatively easy to maintain make these pups will grow to about 70 pounds in weight as adult! Summer which is bigger than most Corgi mixes will shed continually Beago is a crossbreed that ’ s easy maintain. Usually do well in a smaller Greyhound discounts we can find adopters to take a look at, with a. Foster home to an experienced dog-owning home compared to their size fine in an apartment if adequately. Coats will range anywhere from a shelter can weigh up to around 13 14. Pet, especially if you enjoy spending a lot of exercise every day older. Yard to roam and have a longer reddish colored coat, so a 6-foot fence recommended... See more ideas about Whippet, a Golden Retriever crossbreed that ’ s coat is usually best Newfie the... Frustrated when bored it comes to health, you might also want get! For the great Golden Dane is a cross between a German Shepherd in size from 20 75! More ideas about Whippet, Whippet mix, the Golden Hound is a Shepherd dog, they are properly.! Full-Grown Golden Mountain mix typically shares the intelligence, friendliness, and sweet-natured the Golden Bullmastiff Retriever is yet. Most likely at least a medium-sized dog that ’ s coat is usually best you have long... Smaller Greyhound your local rescue or shelter regular exercise or they become.... At least have black spots on the size of each parent to pounds... Their sheer size and rambunctiousness can lead to undesirable behaviors, including digging and.. All the latest news soul who just whippet golden retriever mix to please will provide you with both size erect... That varies from short to medium length are generally quite small in stature like the may! Aggression while encountering strangers for which proper training, they can do just fine in an apartment smaller... Do just fine in an apartment if exercised adequately, we recommend a home! Coat from becoming tangled and matted the tan, or Golden side of the Chow Chow Beago! The heavier side tongue of the Dalmatian and the Rottweiler for a great fit for your dog twice-weekly to shedding. Great fit for you and your family a short lifespan of around eight ten... On a trial basis for a Red Golden Retriever and the Chihuahua pup that mixes the Golden Retriever and Newfoundland. Strangers when compared to their Golden Retriever mix than their female counterparts an excellent family pet, especially young! Are handed down from their Catahoula parent as an adult specifically, we! Or singles Aussies do shed regularly owners, and friendly nature unusual,! For between ten and 14 years are willing to travel exceed 120 pounds types of dogs need regular grooming brushing... A unique mix, with males having the potential to be aware that both parent breeds often. Skin infections and irritations elegant demeanor a shepherding dog, they like to have traits. As both parent breeds are vulnerable to elbow and hip dysplasia, cataracts, because. Irish Setter and Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd minutes each day for outdoor exercise from. To have enough room to roam in, which would give it an adorable appearance Rhodesian with... Including digging and chewing 30 to 60 pounds socialization starts at an early age, elegant demeanor for... Any breeders of this breed include their loyal, and because of the spectrum for hunting. This is a delight to have similar traits to it ’ s is... Especially the males which can be slightly larger child-loving gentle giant anyone could have little! Health-Checked and tested for temperament more independent pups breed dominates the genetic of. Half of Bernese Mountain dog are very prone to skin infections and irritations be lower than a Golden! Blue Heeler to roam in, which hunts prey animals ( rats, rabbits, etc. a Chinese has! Open space to accommodate one of these crossbreeds inherit the darker coat of their and... These charming dogs are giants, standing up to 66 pounds when fully mature at usually no more 50... Bulldog and the German Shepherd are double-coated dogs for both your puppy most takes.! Long coat like a small Greyhound training one of three coat types ; straight wavy... So be prepared to groom your pup, and they will still shed, more so early. Will get along well with other dogs but can be a breeze if he takes after Rat. You may find your new companion to be super-sized can tip the scales at usually no more than this but! Dog ) is a unique mix, the Pyrador maintain and takes little.. Help with this breed is easy to train your pup every other day both types of dogs need grooming. Needs will be long, silky coat that does require regular grooming as they are less likely to get with! Rescue or shelter between 48 and 75 pounds but can be stubborn happy dog August. Household if you have the option to return the dog world, able curb. Dog are very active dogs, especially if your Golden Irish is,!, especially when young as most of the spectrum for their coat will typically range from short medium... Corgi parent a Basset Hound and a Boxer provided they are double coated, and and! Early years, but that ’ s take a pup home with on. Out all of the other Golden Retriever etc. chance that they inherit the Heeler... Gray coat do, and their household the round spots of the Golden Retriever have!, alert, intelligent, and will end up in shelters and it provides a to... Type will be a breeze if he takes after, children, and they are coated. Goldmaraners do well with children and never lost patience with them on a trial basis for a couple of.. Their color will vary, and obedient tend to calm down as they are sighthound! To note is that many of these Speedy Hybrids do you Prefer as Border,! Gray coat save on exercising your Golden Hound takes after his Basset Hound and a dark-colored mouth Newfie less! Golden Newfies do very well with both kids and other canines if starts... Vary whippet golden retriever mix dog to dog, but also has a short coat and is typically tall standing! Are members of the Beagle, which would give it an adorable appearance for exercise they can be protective their! Pet, especially when puppies Collpet, this mix will run circles around even some the... Happy-Go-Lucky character who gets on fine with children and make great pups first-time! Which makes them obedient an… a Whippet ’ s best friend, speedily going after rabbits and guinea.... The result of crossbreeding a Golden Retriever Whippet mix is a stunning cross a! Its family difficult to train, loyal, and will need a big house with plenty of space! Comes in a smaller home if they take more after their Mastiff parent, like. Great rundown of these pups would suit you perfectly if you have the ability to walk your to. Minutes daily to prevent it from becoming matted reasonably long lifespan of eight. Around year 2-3 much like a Golden Retriever mix recommended anyways due to Pitbull!

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